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Take a look online or in any magazine and the skincare focus is almost always centred around minimising the signs of ageing! From moisturisers to replenish older skin through to products which claim to reduce the prominence of wrinkles, remove blemishes and tighten sagging skin, helping people to look younger than their years is a big industry. Unfortunately, this means

Used for thousands of years as a way to keep skin smooth, hydrated and protected, the power of plants has long been recognised as a valuable aid to well-being. Whilst ancient civilisations found out which plants had healing properties through trial and error, with the knowledge of what worked being handed down from generation to generation, contemporary science shows the

The beauty industry has an ugly side. Each and every day, the beauty industry exposes its consumers to an exhaustive list of potentially toxic, carcinogenic ingredients. What's even worse is most of the time consumers are completely unaware that they're putting a whole lot of chemicals onto their body when they apply their favourite moisturiser. Unsurprisingly, as the

According to dermatologists, using skin products that aren’t made for your skin type can result in severe skin problems or worsen existing skin conditions. An unsuitable product can dry out your skin and cause wrinkles, block your pores with excessive oils and result in acne breakouts, or irritate the skin. Here is a description of the various skin types, how

Keep your skin looking healthy and feeling good, naturally.