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The surging demand for natural skincare products is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Consumers are now becoming far more health-conscious & gravitating toward all-natural skincare brands. Below is a look at the factors contributing to natural skincare's popularity. As well as a look at some of the top natural skin care products on the market. Why are more consumers seeking natural

Life is hard, at least on your skin. There are such dangers to your skin that it's unrealistic to imagine going through life without some form of injury. These injuries will often leave scars, which means 99.9% of us will have at least one or two scars ( and more if we aren't lucky).   Many Types of Scars This

Nothing ruins a great day walking along a windy beach like chapped lips. What causes our lips to become chapped? Lack of humidity and too much sunshine dry out our lips. When we try to moisten them with our tongues, we remove the protective oils that protect our sensitive skin. So we slather on lip balm and hope for the best. But

Aging is inevitable. Thankfully, the world has developed enough quality products to at least slow down the process. Anti-aging cream is ubiquitous now in almost every nation, yet not all are safe to use. It's unfortunate too many of these products use chemicals that can harm your skin over time.Natural anti-aging products are out there. These are the products to

Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents & especially mothers, and it will have its share of concerns and anxious moments. It is also one of the most important times to be faithful to a safe and effective skin care routine; doing so will offer expecting mums many benefits. Of course, by safe and effective we mean "natural."Benefits of Natural

It's one thing to gracefully accept facial lines and wrinkles as a part of getting older. It's quite another to hasten their presence through poor or ineffective skin care.For most people, fine lines in the facial area begin to appear in the mid-to-late 30s. The outer layer of skin becomes thinner & the effects of ultraviolet exposure show. This comes

Cruelty free skin care - Imagine a world where every single product was created cruelty free. Sound too good to be true? Well, that's exactly our mission at Natralus. We believe in all-natural, effective health and beauty products. Products that you can full heartedly trust with yourself and your loved ones. Every product in our range is natural and organic and cruelty-free,

Keep your skin looking healthy and feeling good, naturally.