Our Story

Our story is founded in a family passion for creating natural formulas that are really effective.


100% Australian made and family-owned

Natralus Australia is a wholly Australian-owned and operated family business, based in South Australia. The young, dynamic company was launched in 2009, while our business roots and philosophy stem back to the early 1920s, when Grandfather Rowe, was a respected Adelaide Pharmacist. He practised for over 50 years, creating and dispensing healthcare products that were successful and effective. This passion and knowledge were passed onto his son, who also spent most of his working life within the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, Grandson John Rowe is at the helm of the business; keeping alive his grandfather’s passion and commitment to creating naturally useful products you can trust to care for yourself and the people you love. The objective is to touch many lives in a positive, caring way by having Natralus products available to the worldwide market. So you get three generations of passion and knowledge being put into practice.


We love natural ingredients

We select the purest and natural ingredients that we can source from farming in Australia. Using these ingredients as the base of all our products there is just no need to include petrochemicals, parabens, mineral oils, sulphates or colour to name only a few. This is how Natralus products care for even the most delicate skin.

With our own research and development department, formulation lab, manufacturing and packaging facility, every Natralus product is a unique result of the inspiration and dedication of our in-house team. Our experts give you innovative natural formulas that feel better, perform and are better for you, with proven results.


Products that are really effective

We know that merely being natural isn't enough. You want products that are natural and that are really effective. Natural ingredients have a natural affinity with skin and, with the right know-how, can be crafted into formulas that feel better and are often more effective than chemically-based products. With our own research and development department, formulation lab and manufacturing and packaging facility onsite, every product created is the unique result of the inspiration and dedication of our in-house team.

Natralus Australia creates naturally different, more effective health and beauty products that are proven to improve the quality of life, health, and well-being of our discerning customers. We do not test our products on animals and pride ourselves on creating great natural products in our South Australia manufacturing factory.


The natural touch

The natural touch reflects our belief in the benefits of nature as well as touching your life in a positive, caring way with effective and proven natural products.

When Natralus' pure formulas caress your skin, you are taking a moment to stand still in the present moment and nurture your body and wellbeing. And when you choose these skin-loving formulas for family and friends, you extend the benefits of nature and the power of touch to care for the people you love.

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