Why Natralus Bicarb Free Natural Deodorant?

Why Natralus Bicarb Free Natural Deodorant?

Are you looking for a sensitive and Bicarb free natural deodorant? If so, look no further! Our Natralus Natural bicarb free deodorant is the perfect solution for people with sensitive underarms who want to avoid the harshness of Aluminium or Sodium Bicarb-based products.

The Solution to sensitive underarms

A Bicarb Free deodorant is one of the solutions to sensitive underarms, it’s a natural deodorant that works, without Aluminium or Baking Soda.

It contains no added chemicals, synthetic fragrances and it not tested on animals. If you have sensitive underarms and can’t use deodorants containing Sodium Bicarbonate, then we are sure you’ve been searching for a natural Bicarb free alternative. The good news is that there are many options out there, but it can be hard to find the right one.

There are a lot of different brands and formulas out there, but our Natralus Bicarb Free deodorant is natural, vegan & eco friendly, dermatologically tested and cruelty free.

What makes our Bicarb Free Deodorant Unique?

Our bicarb free deodorant is made in Australia and contains no chemicals or synthetic fragrances. It’s free from Aluminium, parabens and other nasties. Our deodorants are formulated with natural ingredients that have been used for years to naturally balance pH levels and keep you smelling fresh all day long!

Our deodorants contain Witch Hazel which has astringent properties that help reduce oil production and therefore help to prevent body odour, added with Magnesium Hydroxide which helps to reduce sweat production, netrualises body odour and soothes skin irritations. They also contain Aloe Vera which has antibacterial properties and soothe the skin by reducing redness and irritation caused by shaving or other skin irritants. We also use Coconut Oil which has anti-bacterial properties that will help your skin stay healthy – especially after shaving. The Natralus Bicarb Free deodorants are a natural solution that is safe to use on sensitive skin and will leave you feeling fresh and smelling great all day.

How to use a bicarb free deodorant

  1. For the best results, shower or bathe first to cleanse the skin well and open the pores.
  2. Apply a generous amount of Natralus Natural Bicarb Free deodorant
  3. Allow to dry before getting dressed
  4. Reapply as needed, when you feel the need for extra protection from sweat or odour.
  5. Live your life without the worry of underarm odour or harsh chemicals from other deodorants.

The results are in: Our testimonials

We asked some of our customers to test our Bicarb Free Deodorant and the results are in! Here’s what they had to say:

One customer reported, “I liked the consistency of the deodorant being creamy yet liquid unlike other roll-on brands. Easy to apply. Feels nice on the skin, not sticky or tacky. The scent was obvious through the first half of the day which was nice. It disguised odours throughout the majority of the day until late afternoon. Kept me dry.”

Another customer shared, “to say that I tested this product is an understatement, I punished it and it stood up time and time again. The bicarb-free has help up amazingly, around the 23 hour mark I started to feel a bit smally but my partner did a few sniff tests and he said that is was barely noticeable. Some days in our busy hour 2 showers in one day is a luxury, anything that can carry me for 23 hours is a miracle and for obvious reasons helps me to feel better about myself. I very genuinely hop that this deodorant will become available and soon, so that I can try the other scent and get the sea scent for my partner (I will be using every last drop in my bottle haha). I have tried other aluminium free brands before and none have been as good as this one.”

We hope that these testimonials have helped you decide whether or not Bicarb Free Deodorant is the right one for you. If you’re looking for a natural deodorant that works then our deodorant is the perfect solution for you. Give it a try today and feel the difference!