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Feels good, smells good and results in softer skin renewal

A1 product, silky to apply. A pleasure to apply and allow nature to take its course.

Must buy

This cream is really good for newborns. I'm using this for my lil angel since she is born, now she is nearly 4months old...

Excellent product

Have been using this for years , through several name changes. It works so well for sunburned skin and dry, inflamed skin. The spray version is so easy to use on children and dogs. My only issue is that it is no longer available in Coles and not available at my local Chemist Warehouse. I have to get it online and that makes it more expensive and less convenient.I

Thank you Natralus! I had a burn from a blister bigger than a 50 cent piece on my palm from a burn. After the blister popped, the skin underneath was red raw and very painful. Disinfecting it and wrapping it up didn't help. The skin was drying & cracking and hurt like crazy. I applied your natural paw paw balm and covered it. It immediately brought immense relief and after 12 hours the wound is pink, supple and regenerating healthy skin. Very grateful for this amazing product which is pure and free of chemical nasties.

STRAWBERRY PAW PAW LIP BUTTER!!This lip balm is an absolute god sent, it’s so moisturising and leaves your lips so smooth. I absolutely love this product so glad I found this brand ❤️

The best paw paw cream.

Petroleum free and excellent hydration.
Stays on and has a very good thicker consistency.
Smells great too.
I just wish the supermarkets would still stock this product, they have stopped selling this and replaced it with petroleum based paw paw creams.


Having tried both the nourish and repair naturalus creams I have to say I prefer the repair formula. Both are very similar but I prefer the fragrance of the repair formula. I find this particular scent for the nourish a bit weird and not for me. That said, the cream is otherwise great and a little goes a long way. I've been going to the gym regularly and as a result I've developed callous on the palms of my hand from using the rowing machine. This cream is great to instantly relived and soften my hands and after continual use my callouses are gone. It does an excellent job as moisturising the driest callous of skin. Definitely worth every scent and it is affordable.

great protection

As a soft pastel artist I wouldn’t be without Natralus Liquid Gloves. This skin shield protects my hands from the pigments and allows for easy clean up with no staining.

Love this Deodorant

This deodorant works so well, I use it everyday and it doesn't irritate my skin like some other deodorants do, also love the scent. Would highly recommend!

Soothes sensitive skin

I love to use this on my itchy, dry skin which is prone to eczema. Gives relief and helps the skin to heal. I highly recommend this lotion.

It really works!

I have tried different brands for my daughter's eczema, this balm is the most effective one so far. I can see such a big improvement of her eczema on the arm, it's almost gone after using it for just a couple of times!!

Wow this body wash is so beautiful, I’m so happy with it. Smells amazing and perfect on the skin. So important that it’s natural and contains no chemicals.

I was fortunate to try the gorgeous Sea Berry Softening Body Wash for the past week and my skin is feeling absolutely amazingly soft and hydrated! A bonus - it smells absolutely divine and I’m always left feeling fresh!

This body wash has such a fresh, light scent, I love it. Love the packaging too

Definitely 5 stars highly recommend their products. Natural ingredients no harsh stuff great for mums and bubs. I used a sample for my newborn and knew I needed to buy the nappy rash cream so got myself a large one and won’t go anywhere else. Absolutely love these products.

We received a sample of this in the NSW gov baby bag and I am so glad we did! This is the nappy cream that works best on my twins and their sensitive little tushies! We now order in bulk and ensure that anywhere there could be a nappy change, we have a tube handy!

From I had my 3rd baby 4mths ago I received a gift pack from hospital with “little one happy bottom barrier cream”

Received some free samples in a baby pack and I am now absolutely in love with this brand. My baby boys skin feels amazing and he smells gorgeous. The Relaxing massage oil is great for baby massage and an essential part of our bed time routine.

My Baby & I LOVE the Natralus Happy Bottom Cream! There is no other barrier cream like it 💖

I loved the fresh citrus smell, it wasn't artificial smelling at all and not overpowering
On low activity days I found it effective, but with activity I did feel sweaty/ had odour and felt like I needed to replenish partway through the day


To say that I tested this product is an understatement, I punished it and it stood up time and time again. Normally a deodorant would do enough but still require a 2nd shower but the bi-carb free has held up amazingly. Around the 23 hour mark I start to feel a bit smelly but my partner did a few sniff tests and he said that it was barely noticeable. Some days in our busy house 2 showers in one day is a luxury, anything that can carry me for 23 hours is a miracle and for obvious reasons helps me to feel better about myself. I have tried aluminium free in other brands before and none have been as good as this one.
Absolutely would recommend

excellent. divine smell like the sea, ocean, romantic
nothing negative to say about this product

This deodorant was really good. Applied easily, dried relatively quickly, left no residue. Worked well.
Liked: ease of application, effectiveness, skin friendly (previous product irritated my sensitive skin very quickly)

Great loved it.
Nice and light to have on.

Very effective. It masked body odour and kept me dry throughout the day. I didn’t experience any skin sensitivities or discomfort. The scent was lovely and fresh. The scent wore off though as the day went on.
Very nice deodorant. Feels good on the skin. Protects and keeps body odour under control.