Eye bags, culprits and natural remedies

Eye bags, culprits and natural remedies

Are you one among millions of people who constantly have to deal with eye bags under your eyes? It can adversely affect one's self-esteem and confidence to walk around with eye bags that not even makeup can conceal. Well, the good news is that this is a condition that unbeknownst to many can be easily eliminated by using one of various Natralus organic skin care products. Ever wonder why eye bags form and what you can do get rid of them naturally? Read on to find out.

The culprits behind eye bags

To successfully treat eye bags, you must first understand what their main cause is. Eye bags exhibit as bag-like folds under the lower eyelids. They can affect anyone irrespective of ethnicity, gender, or cultural background. The main culprits to blame for eye bags include...

- Genetics

Science has proven that it is possible to end up developing eye bags through inheritance. Look around, at your parents, your grandparents, older cousins and siblings. Do they have eye bags? If they don’t then maybe you are safe but if most or all of them do, then there’s a high chance that you are genetically predisposed to developing eye bags now or in the near future.

- Aging

As one ages, various processes and changes occur throughout the body. The skin around the eye is very soft and hence vulnerable to external and internal pressure. As time progresses, the ligaments responsible for keeping the fatty tissue around the eyes weaken. As a result, the tissue gradually pulls down due to lack of support ultimately leads to the formation of eye bags.

- Lack of sleep

From hectic work schedules to serious health/sleep issues like insomnia, there are many reasons why you may end up not sleeping enough. Experts report that during sleep the circulatory system works slower than when you are awake. Consequently, one may have puffy eyes or eye bags when waking up in the morning. Normally this should go away once the circulatory system is back at full swing which is within a few minutes to an hour after waking up. However, if the puffy eyes or eye bags persist during the day, this could be an indication that you are not sleeping enough.

- Allergies

Food and dust are known to be the number one reason why one may suddenly have eye bags. It could be that you are allergic to peanuts, fish, pepper or other foods or that you moved into a new place that has accumulated plenty of dust before you moved in. Allergies can be fatal for some but to others, allergies exhibit in form of eye bags.

- Stress

Stress can take a toll on the human body not only on the inside but also on the outside. Besides developing health issues such as heart disease, hypertension and weight gain among other issues, stress can also cause eye bags.

- Straining the eyes

It is advisable to wear your prescription spectacles when reading, driving or when using your laptop. On the other hand, sunglasses come in handy when you expect to spend a long period of time out in the sun, walking the dog, jogging, swimming or tanning. If you find that you constantly develop eye bags after reading, or spending time outside it could very well be a possibility that the strain your eyes are forced to endure is the cause.

- Negative habits

Habits such as excess caffeine and smoking can lead to eye bags. Excess caffeine can be sourced from drinking too much coffee or consuming too many energy drinks within a short period of time. If you are fond of coffee or energy drinks, it is advisable to limit your intake to two cups of coffee or one energy drink per day. Especially if you are prone to developing eye bags or puffiness around the eyes.

Natural skin care remedies to get rid of eye bags and dark circles

A wide selection of simple home treatments and natural skin care remedies exist to help alleviate eye bags. Some of these include...

Home treatments

- A cold compress. Place a cold compress over your eyes for a few minutes. This is an effective means commonly used by people to reduce swelling fast.

- Pillows. Using an extra pillow during sleep helps keep your head at a higher position that the rest of your body whilst you are sleeping. This is a clever secret many have realized to avoid the buildup of fluid around the eyes and hence prevent eye bags.

- Green tea bags. Boil some water and pour it in a cup. Dip in two green tea bags and let it slowly brew and cool. Remove the tea bags and place them on top of the eyes making sure that the affected area is covered. Give it at least ten minutes before removing them. This is a favourite method that many use to encourage circulation around the eyes which helps eliminate eye bags.

- Eat healthily. Particular foods do more harm than good for you especially if you tend to develop eye bags. Alcohol and coffee are to blame for excess retention of fluids. On the other hand, fried food, processed white sugar, excess salt, and white flour supplies your body with excess carbohydrates that could lead to too much weight gain and ultimately eye bags.

Natural skin care remedies

- Cucumber. The common adage ‘cool as a cucumber’ here proves true. Placing clean round slices of cool cucumbers on top of your eyes helps reduce puffiness around the area. Cucumbers are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants both which quickly help reduce irritation, swelling, and redness.

- Raw potato. Can’t find a cucumber? Raw potatoes do an equally excellent job of helping you get rid of eye bags. Simply place a thin round slice of freshly peeled potato on your eyes for at least 30 minutes to lessen the size of the folds under your eyes.

- Aloe Vera gel. A natural remedy that is perfect in solving almost all skin problems. What with a ton of antioxidants, 18 amino acids, antifungal, and antibacterial qualities, it is no wonder the most effective natural skin care treatments and remedies have Aloe Vera as their main ingredient. Aloe Vera gel soothes, moisturizes and provides relief to the soft skin around your eyes for brighter, clearer eye bag free face.

Above are some of the few common factors to blame for eye bags that can be treated using home remedies or organic skin care products in the market as described. Note however that other more serious causes such as hormonal imbalance, kidney issues, thyroid dysfunction, iron deficiency, and sinus infections may be the reason why you develop eye bags and hence require urgent medical attention. If your eye bags persist for over a week consider visiting your doctor for a deeper look into any possible underlying health issues.

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