Here's how to have healthy, glowing skin in the winter months

It’s not surprising that many of us end up with dry, dull skin during winter given that it often gets neglected under multiple layers of clothing, and it’s subjected to colder temperatures, icy winds, and artificial heating.

Having young, healthy-looking skin that’s full of elasticity is something we all want, all year round, and at any age. With the cooler months fast approaching, how do you keep your skin looking fresh and healthy throughout winter?

It’s simple. By following these 10 easy tips, you can have glowing skin through the coldest of winter days.

Drink water

And lots of it; about two litres is the recommended amount to drink daily. Many people incorrectly believe that it’s only important to hydrate during the warmer months when you sweat more; however, hydration is just as important during winter. By not drinking enough water, you’ll get dehydrated and your skin will suffer and become dry and flaky.

By making sure you’re hydrated on the inside, your skin will benefit, and it will show in your complexion on the outside.

Make sure you exercise

Although it can be harder to get yourself motivated in the colder months, exercise is important when it comes to having great skin.

Working up a sweat when you exercise not only removes impurities from your skin, it also increases circulation, which in turn promotes faster skin cell rejuvenation and renewal.

Get enough rest

Getting enough sleep - between seven to nine hours a night - is crucial when it comes to your skin’s appearance.

While you’re sleeping, your skin is regenerating and renewing, so ensuring that you’re getting enough rest is vital for making sure your skin doesn’t look dull and tired.

Don’t have showers or baths that are too hot

Tempting though it is to have a hot bath or shower when the temperature plummets, don’t. Hot water softens your body’s natural oils which then permeate out through your skin, and so you’re stripping your body of essential moisture.

By turning the temperature down just a little, your skin will benefit and will thank you for it.

Oily skin needs moisturising too

Many people with oily skin believe that by dehydrating their skin with harsh cleansers, they will eliminate shine and get rid of any acne or pimples. This is one of the worst things you can do, because, as we know, dehydrating the skin will not only make it become dry and flaky, it can also make your skin age faster.

No matter your skin type, it’s vital to moisturise daily; and yes, even if you have oily skin.

Use a silk pillowcase

Cotton fabrics can be irritating for some people, so if you’re suffering from dry, flaky skin in the cooler months, it might be worth changing your current pillowcase to a silkier fabric.

It’s also important to wash your pillowcase regularly, as your face won’t benefit if you’re sleeping on weeks' old products.

Use non-toxic products

Many products we use in our everyday lives contain chemicals that can not only potentially damage your skin, they can also be absorbed into your body; think of the toiletries and makeup you use and even cleaning products that you use around your home. Combined with the air pollutants we encounter every day, these toxins in your skin can eventually build up over time which can be harmful.

By switching to a non-toxic alternative wherever you can, you’ll be making a difference to your skin.

Organic skin care products

By using organic plant-based products on your skin, you’ll be providing your skin with the nutrients it needs, without the possible harmful chemicals used in some products such as pesticides or weed killers.

Importantly, always ensure that any plant-based products you use are certified organic; don’t use an inferior product which could potentially do you harm over time.

Use natural skin care products

Using a gentle, natural exfoliator on your skin every second or third day will remove any dead skin cells and impurities, and this will allow your skin to absorb your moisturiser effectively. Light exfoliation is important in the winter months, not only for your face, but your body as well.

Use plant-based products that have essential nutrients for your skin, and ones that contain active ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, paw-paw and papaya. Active ingredients such as these contain detoxifying properties that will really make a difference to your skin.

Moisturising daily is one of the most important factors in keeping your skin soft and glowing through the colder months, and by using a natural, plant-based product with active ingredients, your skin will reap the rewards.

Give your skin the treatment it deserves

At Natralus Australia we believe in all-natural, effective health and beauty products that are free from petroleum, parabens, harmful chemicals and animal testing.

Extensive scientific testing and research have demonstrated the therapeutic effect many plant extracts have on the skin, and by using only pure, organic products sourced from farms around the country, Natralus formulas will not only be effective, but they’ll also be gentle on your skin, and the environment.

At Natralus, we are committed to providing the very best natural, organic, cruelty-free products to you and your family that are proven to work and provide real results for your skin. In fact, if a product doesn’t meet one of our high standards, we'll give you your money back.

No matter what your skin type is, there’s a product range to suit everyone; from My Little One baby products through to the Intensive Skin Therapy product range. Natralus is the Australian natural skincare brand that the whole family can trust.

So, by making some simple lifestyle choices as outlined in this guide, and by adding some organic Natralus products to your daily skincare routine, you’ll not only be glowing on the inside this winter, you’ll be glowing on the outside as well with soft, healthy-looking skin. What more could you ask for?