How to soothe your irritated skin in summer

We. Love. Summer! However, sometimes summer doesn’t quite love us and our skin back. The summertime brings us memorable moments with family and friends, fun in the sun and on the sand, and the desire to spend as much time wearing as little clothing as possible. Unfortunately, the time we spend outdoors during the warmer months tends to leave us with sunburned skin, itchy insect bites, and irritating rashes. Sometimes the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of such ailments can leave us on the sidelines whilst the fun goes on without us. Using natural skin care products can help to rapidly ease discomfort and restore your skin back to health and get you back in the summer action.

Here are the ways you can treat some commonly experienced skin problems in summer with Natralus’ natural skin care range.


Getting sunburnt during the summer months is almost an expectation for most, which makes it important to know the best products and ingredients to look for when stocking up in preparation for treating those burns. The most effective natural product for treating sunburns is Aloe Vera. This product has been shown to accelerate the healing process of first and second-degree burns which are credited to its vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and antioxidant composition. The Aloe Vera acts to restore health and hydration to the damaged skin cells in the layers beneath the sunburned layers of skin, preventing greater damage.

Our Natralus Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel unites the healing benefits of Aloe Vera with the soothing anti-inflammatory properties of Paw Paw, offering lasting relief from irritation. Vitamin E, which is naturally present in both Aloe Vera and Paw Paw, is essential in the treatment of sunburns. Vitamin E levels are compromised with sun exposure, therefore the Gel replenishes Vitamin E levels while also acting to heal damaged skin and reduce skin dryness.

Shaving rashes

We know that having your legs out or being bikini ready in summer often involves a razor, and for a few that means irritated skin. Our Natralus Intensive Skin Therapy is a light formula that brings together the healing benefits of Aloe Vera and Paw Paw, with Shea Butter which promotes a silky-soft skin texture. The Aloe Vera and Paw Paw will soothe the irritated and dry skin and quickly reduce redness. The Intensive Skin Therapy Moisturising Lotion is great for use all over the body and face, making it an ideal product for males and females who suffer from shaving rashes!

Eczema flare-ups

Being in and out of the sun and water tends to have a dehydrating effect on skin, but for eczema sufferers, it can trigger excruciatingly uncomfortable episodes. Eczema is more likely to flare up when the skin becomes dehydrated (from sun-exposure or salt water) and during periods of more intense sweating. Keeping the skin well hydrated with Natralus’ 99% pure Aloe Vera Soothing Skin Relief spray or gel is a great way to prevent the onset of intense flare-ups.

If a flare-up does occur, applying Aloe Vera will help to manage the itching and begin the process of re-hydrating dry skin. Antioxidant compounds will also assist to reduce the presence of, if any, bacteria. This bacteria is commonly found at the site of eczema flare-ups and contributes to delayed recovery and persistent suffering.

Acne flare-ups

Like most other skin conditions, acne tends to get worse for most during the summer. Even those who don’t suffer significantly with acne can be at a greater risk of developing a certain degree of acne breakouts during the summer. Hotter conditions create the potential for the excessive production of sebum, which when combined with sun-deadened skin cells and sun protection product clogging pores, allows pimples to develop more readily.

Using products containing Paw Paw is beneficial when treating acne. To prevent a breakout, using Natralus Intensive Skin Therapy will soften and hydrate the skin which will reduce the number of dead skin cells that may clog pores. Paw Paw’s unique Papain enzyme will help to cleanse the pores which is useful for the prevention or reduction of acne. The Vitamin C naturally contained in Paw Paw will help to even the skin’s complexion and soften the overall texture.

If the face, chest, and back are acne prone areas and you experience a sunburn in these places, products containing Paw Paw - such as our Natralus Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel - can be used to treat the burn and acne simultaneously without the fear of causing an acne breakout (as can be experienced with other products).

Insect bites

Spending time outside around water as the sunset paints the sky with beautiful burnt orange and purple tones can often distract you from mosquitos biting your legs, until you feel that dreaded itch and it’s already too late. The body’s immune response to the anticoagulant deposited by the mosquito causes the site to become swollen and itchy. Oh, how it itches! But why not itch? The more you itch the more histamines your body will send to the bite which causes an endlessly painful itch. The natural solution is Aloe Vera and/or Paw Paw containing ointment. The Paw Paw will minimise the swelling and itchiness and the Aloe Vera will reduce the pain and accelerate the healing.

Of course, these products aren’t just useful for mosquito bites, they can effectively be used to treat all types of insect and bug bites.

Summer should be a time spent having fun in the sun and not being stuck inside recovering from skin irritations. We choose Aloe Vera and Paw Paw as primary ingredients for our products due to their superior healing and therapeutic properties. The Natralus products mentioned are great for preventing the onset of flare-ups, treating irritations, and maintaining healthy and hydrated skin in the summertime. Natralus’ natural and organic skincare range will keep your skin in top condition this summer, which means spending more time with family and friends!