Natural foods to boost the effects of organic skincare products

Natural foods to boost the effects of organic skincare products

Are you finding it hard to get out of the house without your makeup on? This is a clear indication that your skin is crying out for help. Skin that is well cared for needs no mask to cover blemishes, pimples or acne scars. If you are having recurrent skin problems that are proving stubborn even after trying out various conventional products, it’s time to go organic!

Recent studies indicate that more people have found lasting solutions in natural and organic skin care products. The organic personal care industry is predicted to be worth more than $16 billion by the year 2020. This shows how important natural products are in solving skin problems that have troubled men and women for a long time.

With many health and beauty experts recommending natural skin care as the best way to treat skin problems, it’s important to eat right to make the results more fulfilling. You need to eat foods that have the right ingredients to enhance good skin development. Below is a summary of some of the best foods to eat to attain healthy and gorgeous skin.

1. Pumpkin seeds

This is a natural skin remedy known for its ingredients that help to keep the skin healthy. When applied on the skin as PSO (Pumpkin Seed Oil), it helps to fight free radicals, retain moisture and reduce ageing effects.

Besides using pumpkin seeds to extract oil, you can also eat them to improve your skin condition. According to nutritionists, pumpkin seeds contain vitamin E, sulphur, zinc, omega-3 and omega-6 fats, and various antioxidants. These nutrients are important for nourishing, hydrating and restoring the smoothness of the skin. They are also helpful in repairing blemish marks that appear when you’ve suffered a breakout.

Pumpkin seeds contain high amounts of vitamin E and zinc that help in fighting acne scars, improving skin tone as well as helping wounds to heal faster. Since pumpkin seeds have delicate fats, it’s advisable to eat them raw. Too much heat destroys the nutrients. If you are not comfortable chewing raw seeds, you can mix them with salad or even add a tablespoon to a smoothie.

2. Black sesame seeds

How many times do we break the rules of skincare by having a drink or two, eating the wrong food or even exposing ourselves to too much sunlight? If you’ve not been too generous to your skin lately, it’s high time you used sesame seeds to reverse those negative effects. Sesame seeds are useful in restoring the skin’s elasticity and glow due to their antioxidant properties. These seeds contain essential amino acids, fibre, potassium, and oleic acid, which help in making the skin glow and heal fast. When consumed, the seeds provide anti-ageing properties by keeping the skin warm and moist at all times.

Sesame seeds can be consumed along with most meals. Some of the things you can try out is adding the seeds to avocado on toast or any form of salad. You can also crush and sprinkle them into any side dish to make your meal more interesting.

3. Papaya

Papaya is a popular fruit when creating home-made cosmetics to be used for facial scrubs. However, most people don’t know the additional benefits that this fruit has when consumed as food. Papaya contains an enzyme known as papain which is very helpful in eliminating unwanted hair from the skin, repairing ageing effects, exfoliating dead skin, and skin whitening. Other nutrients contained in papaya include vitamin A and C. These nutrients help in regulating cell turnover and brightening the skin.

You can eat papaya the same way you do with other fruits or even make a smoothie. Make this a habit to boost the effects with our Essential Paw Paw Ointment

4. Lemons

Your skin loves lemon more than your taste buds do. Lemons contain strong antibacterial properties that help in repairing skin breakouts. When consumed, lemon juice eliminates old hormones and fat-soluble toxins that usually worsen oily skin. It also helps to remove toxins that trigger breakouts within the skin.

Lemon rind has important properties that kill bacteria in the intestines and mouth. This helps to prevent acne flare-ups that arise from such bacteria. You can consume lemon juice by adding it to hot or cold water.

5. Tomato juice

If you're planning to spend some time outdoors on a sunny day, it’s advisable to drink a glass of tomato juice prior to heading outside. Tomatoes contain a nutrient known as lycopene which is useful in preventing the effects of UVB and UVA. However, this does not give you the green light to dump your sunscreen. Apply some sunscreen to your body to minimise the effects of excessive sunlight.

Ensure you avoid pesticides by ordering organic tomato juice. If tomato juice is not your thing, you can eat watermelon because it offers the same protection against UVA and UVB as tomatoes.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli contains vitamin A, vitamin C, lutein, and zinc. These nutrients are crucial in improving skin health by preventing oxidative damage. Studies show that broccoli also contains sulforaphane, which helps to prevent sunburn and skin cancer.

7. Red cabbage

According to nutritionists, red cabbage contains up to six times more vitamin C than green cabbage. Its purple pigment contains phytonutrients that help in eliminating hyperpigmentation and skin wrinkles. Eating red cabbage will clear toxins responsible for the formation of fine lines on the face and other parts of the body. You can add red cabbage to a kale salad or pair it with drizzled olive oil and grated carrots.

Maintain a natural skin care routine by eating the above foods. Get in touch with Natralus to access all-natural health and beauty products. We are reputable for providing top quality skin care products in Australia that are sourced from organic farms across the country. We also provide proven formulas that will help you to get great results for your skin.