Say "I Do" to healthy, glowing skin

Wedding season is just around the corner and, whether you’re a guest or the blushing bride, flashing cameras and a party that lasts through the night mean you’ll definitely want to put your best face forward. While a little fake tan and great makeup go a long way, starting a top-notch natural skin care regime in the weeks before it's time to shine is key to looking fresh and fabulous come the big day.

Remember, your skin is like a canvas – when it’s cleaner, smoother and more vibrant, your makeup doesn’t have to work as hard and you don’t have to touch up as often. By investing in natural, organic, cruelty-free formulas that get real results, not only will it save your skin, but money on cosmetics – and time spent mirror-gazing - too.

Start with a skin stock-take

You can’t really move towards great skin until you know what works for you and what doesn’t, so take some time to audit your current routine. Too often we can be diligent about our skincare regime but frustrated by the lack of results, only to learn that the products we’re using are doing more harm than good!

Do an audit of your bathroom cabinet and divorce what isn’t good for you – starting with anything that’s not natural. Chemicals to look out for include petrolatum, benzophenone, ethanolamine, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), parabens and phthalates, polyethene glycol (PEGs) and artificial fragrances.

One thing to know about synthetic nasties is that even researchers don’t yet fully understand the ill-effects they can have on our health – including our hormones! Let’s face it, wedding planning is a rollercoaster as it is, without your face cream sabotaging your endocrine system.

Next, nix anything that harms the earth and its inhabitants. While Natralus’ dermatologically-tested products give better assurance of safety for your skin, animal-tested products can be as dangerous as they are cruel, simply because animals react to chemicals differently to us!

Often, harsher chemicals are the ones tested on animals, meaning mice, rabbits – and even cats and dogs – may have endured painful procedures such as burns tests and forced ingestion during the product’s creation.

Rule of thumb? If it’s not certified cruelty-free, it’s not worth your money.

Finally, it’s time to get naked. Well, your face, at least. Remove your makeup and, in a well-lit space, inspect your skin in the mirror. Do you have dry or oily patches? Are your pores enlarged? Do you notice a pattern to your breakouts? Getting to know your skin makes buying the right products easier, saving you time, money and potential irritation to your body’s largest organ.

Commit to a kit

Skin loves routine, and, whether you know it or not, it’s actually in one right now – for better or for worse. A never-ending cycle of stress, pollution, makeup (and failure to remove it properly) plus diet (we’re looking at you, breakfast skittles) set up your skin for everything from dryness to breakouts – which is exactly what you don’t want immortalised in the bridal album.

Happily, you can combat a lot of the damage done by modern life simply by sticking to a good skincare routine. Cleansing, moisturising and targeting problems specific to you are the building blocks of great skin, and choosing natural, pure ingredients that are locally-farmed will ensure you wow at the vows.

Here’s an example of a great routine, and how it can help.

Cleanse: A cleanser doesn’t have to be harsh to be hardworking. No matter your skin type, our mild and refreshing Natural Gentle Wash is enriched with soothing natural oils to care as it cleans.

Moisturise: Everyday life makes skin thirsty, and the winter months are even more drying. But, just like you wouldn’t want to drink dirty, chemical-laden water, your skin is picky about the stuff it soaks up, too. Our range of moisturising solutions contain only natural ingredients, like antioxidant-rich Aloe Vera, rejuvenating papain enzymes for nourishing coconut oil, and nourishing shea butter - without any chemicals.

Add top to toe touches: Great wedding day skin doesn’t end with your face! Make sure you treat your often-neglected body parts to some organic pampering, too.

Hands - Our SuperVitals Ultra Hydration Organic Hand Cream is brimming with organic fruits and greens to help reverse the signs of ageing and ensure your hands are ready for their ‘new wedding band’ close up.

Feet - Hitting the dance floor is your chance to show off your new bridal shoes, so you’ll want feet that are soft and supple too. Natralus Australia’s Overnight Heel Mask is a limited-edition product that gets to work while you sleep – too easy!

Lips - One of the pivotal moments in any wedding ceremony is that first marital kiss, so you definitely don’t want your lips to be dry or cracked! Natralus Essential Paw Paw Lip Balm is bursting with seed and plant oils, plus papain enzymes to heal and nourish. With this pout powerhouse in your pocket, you’ll be smooch-and-smile-ready all day long.

Reap the rewards

Picture it – there you are, stunning guests in your bridal best as you head off to pose for pictures with your new husband or wife, when suddenly it hits you: it’s been a few hours – and many tears – since you applied your makeup, and now you’re almost afraid to check how it’s holding up.

Well, while a sneaky look in a compact (and assurances from your maid of honour) won’t go astray, you can also ensure more confidence in your makeup’s staying power if you know your skin underneath is healthy.

Reducing pore size with a gentle cleansing routine will even out and mattify skin, and reduce breakouts, while moisturised skin takes on primer and pigment better and helps stop powders settling in fine lines and creases.

Overall, the smoother and more nourished your skin is, the longer your makeup will last. Invest in a natural, organic skincare regimen now and, even late into your wedding night, your beloved won’t be able to keep their eyes – or hands – off you!