Skin care essentials for babies and younger children

Skin care essentials for babies and younger children

Every parent wants to protect their children from danger, which is why finding suitable skin care products for young skin can be so difficult. Even products which look innocent can contain harsh ingredients such as unnecessary additives; preservatives; petro-chemicals; parabens; or similar substances. Here we take a look at the skin care products a child's delicate skin needs, as well as what to look for in a skin care product to ensure it's a suitable choice for your child and your family.

Why opt for natural skin care products for babies and children?

When children are born, their skin is perfectly balanced, due to the optimal conditions which exist in the womb. Unfortunately, the outside environment is a hostile one! From the minute a baby is born, its sensitive skin is exposed to temperature changes and drier air. The water used for a tepid baby bath will inevitably strip the skin of oil, whilst a trip outside exposes the face and hands to sunlight, wind and pollution. All these unavoidable external agents have a negative effect on a child's skin, causing dehydration, oil imbalances and even UV damage if a suitable sunscreen isn't used. For these reasons, it's important to use nourishing, replenishing products early on, as well as a sunscreen if there is a risk of exposure.

Organic skin care cleansers

Whilst traditional soap is an obvious no-go, due to its harsh, drying effect, at some point children will need more than water to keep them clean. In the early days, when babies move little and sleep plenty, a tepid bath is usually sufficient. As they get older and start to explore, most parents find that their little ones need a higher degree of hygiene than water alone can provide. In these circumstances, a natural skin care cleanser is perfect. Natural cleansers include active ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula and papaya. These plant-based compounds have the power to gently clean, without stripping natural oils or irritating sensitive skin. Importantly, a natural cleanser won't contain unwanted chemicals, just wholesome, high-grade organic ingredients that deliver effective results at the same time as nurturing the skin.


A good moisturiser is an important part of any child's skincare routine. As children grow, their exposure to pollutants, the weather and adverse interior environments also tends to increase. In addition, children are curious about their environment, forever picking things up to examine them in greater detail or to play with them. This inevitably leads to more hand washing, drying the skin and potentially leading to chaps, splits, itching and redness. A moisturiser helps to restore the skin's balance, replenishing natural oils which have been lost due to hand washing, or as a result of exposure to the air. It's important to select a moisturiser that hydrates (helps the skin to hold a sufficient amount of water) as well as moisturises (helps to replace skin oils which have been washed away). Active ingredients to look out for include shea butter; paw paw; and calendula. Moisturisers should be light, easily absorbed and specifically formulated for young skin: moisturisers for adults are frequently too rich for babies and younger children.

Solutions for red, cracked or damaged skin

A child's skin is sensitive, which means that sore spots, dry skin, eczema or chafing can occur easily. Not only are these skin conditions uncomfortable, but broken skin is also an invitation to infection! If you spot any signs of skin irritation, a fast, effective solution is needed. Nappy rash is a particular problem for babies and younger children, even regular nappy changing and careful cleansing may not be enough to stop a rash developing on delicate skin. To reduce the risk of nappy rash, as well as to treat it promptly if a small patch develops, reliable barrier cream is a must. As the name suggests, a barrier cream literally creates a protective barrier between the skin and water/bodily fluids. One of the most effective barrier ingredients is zinc oxide. Permitted as a food additive, it provides a safe barrier action that works. When used alongside organic skin care staples such as shea butter and paw paw, the result is a powerful barrier cream which also moisturises, smooths and nourishes the skin.

An effective, organic skin care repair cream

Many parents will have struggled to prevent the cycle of itching which is a risk when skin becomes inflamed or chapped. Irritated skin itches and scratching makes it worse. Inevitably, younger children will try to scratch an itch, leading to further damage and slowing the healing process. In these circumstances, there's a need for a natural skin repair solution that will stop the itch and accelerate healing. Intensive repair creams are ideal for this purpose, containing ingredients such as healing calendula and shea butter, a known anti-inflammatory, these get to work swiftly, reducing itching at the same time as moisturising and regenerating the affected area.

Try before you buy

Each child is a little different, so it may take a little experimentation to find out what works best. That's why it's important to try a small amount of product on a child's skin, before applying it liberally. A test sample allows you to measure the effect of the product, as well as check that it agrees with your child's skin. It's one of the reasons that we offer trial size samples of all our natural skin care for babies products. This allows you and baby to ensure the product is right for your individual needs before buying full-sized items.

Use ethical providers

We pride ourselves not only on offering organic skin care products that deliver stunning results at the same time as being free of harsh chemicals but also on being an ethical, responsible company. None of our products are tested on animals, and where possible we use local suppliers who share our desire to provide high-quality, natural products that are kind to animals, ourselves and the planet. Get in touch to find out more about our "My Little One" range, specifically formulated to meet the needs of younger children and babies.