The benefits of a pregnancy skincare routine

Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents & especially mothers, and it will have its share of concerns and anxious moments. It is also one of the most important times to be faithful to a safe and effective skin care routine; doing so will offer expecting mums many benefits. Of course, by safe and effective we mean "natural."

Benefits of Natural Skin Care for Expecting Mothers

There are many benefits a natural skin care routine can afford expecting mothers. Those benefits begin, however, with what a natural skin care routine won't do. Using naturally sourced products will eliminate the possibility of introducing harmful chemicals to your baby. It will offer expecting mums the piece of mind that the products they use are good for them and safe for their unborn child.

It won't matter how natural or how safe a product is, if it doesn't work it is a waste of time and money. More importantly, pregnant mums will be robbed of the benefits that an effective and safe skin care routine will provide, such as these...

1. Boost Skin Health

When you are pregnant, your body experiences many changes and your body chemistry functions differently. One area where pregnant mothers will experience these change is in their skin. One article explained the impact pregnancy has on our skin this way -

"Changes in the levels of hormones in your body, and changes to your circulation and immune system can all have an effect on your skin."

What this means for expecting mums from day one, is that taking care of the health of your skin is important. It is about to experience considerable changes and some potential discomfort.

2. Skin Repair

One of the most common changes mothers experience is the notorious stretch marks. This is a good news-bad news update for you. The bad news is that most mothers will get them and completely removing them isn't realistic. The good news is this; you don't have to be without recourse. Repairing your skin and reducing the appearance of stretch marks is a benefit of having a natural pregnancy skin care routine.

That good news will be delivered through natural products like Natralus' Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel. It combines the healing benefits of organic Paw Paw and soothing aloe vera with the relieving qualities of vitamin E.

The product uses Natralus' quick-absorbing formula and the active ingredients of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Paw Paw to soothe & hydrate your skin. This combination creates a stretch-mark treating product numerous mothers gladly endorse.

3. Minimises the Appearance of Lines

During pregnancy, your body may experience a variety of different markings. These range from spider veins to that line running vertically down your tummy called the linea nigra. Some may and some may not see lines like the linea nigra on their bellies, but rest assured there will be some markings as a result of your pregnancy.

Using a gel like the one mentioned above is one option, but these marking can occur anywhere from top to toe. That means a more practical product for everyday use would be Natralus' Intensive Skin Therapy Moisturiser. This certified organic moisturiser is 95% made up of Paw Paw, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

During pregnancy, the hormonal changes and excess oil production can leave skin dry and itchy. So too can those various lines and stretch marks. Hydration for your skin is essential during your pregnancy.

4. Rejuvenated Skin

That precious little belly bump you have, it isn't so kind to your skin. Like ageing, weather and time, pregnancy will wear on your skin. How does skin start to look older and worn? How long does your belly feel the constant strain of that growing bundle of joy, especially in that last trimester?

Physical strain isn't the only cause for our skin looking worn and tired...

5. Anti Ageing

Stress is hard on the body and hard on your skin. During pregnancy, your body endures changes in chemistry and physicality. There are added emotional stresses and additional concerns about a new life, your child.

The wear and tear from these factors results in our skin ageing prematurely. Historically, people have used many methods to fight ageing. What we've learned from much of this trial and error is that there are steps we can take to ward off the ageing process. Using Superfoods and foods with anti-ageing properties is one of those effective methods.

Natralus embraced the power of these ingredients to produce the SuperVitals Range. The range is made of a unique combination of specially selected superfood ingredients. These include Kale, Goji, Acai berry, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Blueberry and Shea Butter.

With Natralus' in-house facilities, we have harnessed these ingredients to improve your skin texture and slow the ageing process. Taking care of your baby also means taking care of you and your skin. That equates to using products that don't introduce chemicals into your body, and using effective products.

Take care of you, your baby and your skin during and for a long, long time after.

A Few Tips for Pregnant Mums

There are a couple of other tips you may want to include in your pregnancy skin care routine outside of lotions, creams, gels and moisturisers. Mothers may also experience sensitive skin or dry skin that becomes sensitive or easily irritated.

Finding a reliable, safe and effective bathing product will go a long way in supporting the rest of your pregnancy skin care regimen. Natralus offers our Natural Gentle Wash for anyone with sensitive skin. This could be ideal for pregnant mothers and a way to make your skin clean and happy without irritation.

These natural bathing products that are effective without the use of chemicals are important for many expecting mothers. Of course, it keeps their skin healthy, clean and moisturised - but of the utmost concern, keeps the baby safe too.

The other addition to your pregnancy skin care routine is often overlooked. When your skin suffers dryness, your lips normally do as well. This can create chapped and dry lips which is really just one more hassle you don't need. Using our paw paw formula, Natralus' Essential Paw Paw Lip Balm will soothe, moisturise and protect, even after your gift package arrives.

Manage Your Mask and Polish Your Glow

From the mask of pregnancy to the pregnancy glow, Natralus has the products that will help your skin shine and your healthiest you show. The "Mask of pregnancy", also referred to as melasma andchlosma are those dark splotches that can appear on your face, like your cheek and forehead. Don't be alarmed, nearly half of pregnant women experience this skin marking as a result of an increase in pigmentation production.

Keep your skin healthy and hydrated, and these patches will recede over time.

If the other skin condition is aptly named "mask" for its darkness, then the pregnancy "glow" is appropriately named for its brighter sheen. While this may look like you are glowing, the cause of that shiny look is oil. Those aforementioned body wash additions to your skin care routine will make a difference here.

The Best Products Mean the Best Skin Care

You understand what to expect when you're expecting, and you realise the importance of a good pregnancy skin care routine for you and your child. To get the best results & take care of your skin while pregnant, you will want the best products.

This is the evolution of natural skin care and the benefits of naturally sourced products. This is what Natralus offers expecting mothers, those with sensitive skin and anyone who wants to take care of themselves and their skin.

Natralus houses the entire process from the creation to the manufacturing of our products, so we can be sure that you and your baby are getting products you can trust. You have enough to worry about, and you have even more to be excited about. Don't waste your time worrying about how to treat the effects of pregnancy on your skin. Don't let irritable, sensitive, dry or itchy skin steal your excitement either.

Congratulations on your upcoming addition to the family. We hope that you, your child and your skin have many wonderful years ahead and Natralus will be here to help you care for those you love.