The Hand Wash & Lotion Duo that was designed to be seen.

The Hand Wash & Lotion Duo that was designed to be seen.

In today’s fast-paced world, where design meets functionality, every aspect of our living spaces deserves careful consideration. One often overlooked area is our choice of hand wash and lotion. But why settle for ordinary when you can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your open plan living area? Our Natralus Softening Hand Wash & Lotion Duo, a brilliant solution that combines practicality with an exquisite design.

The hand wash and lotion duo serve a practical purpose, cleansing and moisturising our hands. However, we have designed them to go a step further by embracing thoughtful design elements that blend seamlessly within our living spaces. By incorporating stylish elegant labels and pleasing fragrances, these duos effortlessly enhance the overall appeal.

Open plan living areas are renowned for their free-flowing spaces. It is essential to maintain aesthetic unity through these areas to create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment. The hand wash and lotion duos serve as an ideal addition, as it complements design scheme.

To further enhance the aesthetic appeal, the hand wash and lotion duo is a peel and reveal label. This design feature allows the user to remove the busy-looking information found on product labels, revealing a captivating design showing the scents of the product underneath. The act of peeling becomes a delightful experience, akin to unwrapping a precious gift, adding an element of surprise to the product.

Our hand wash and lotion duo, were crafted to elevate the aesthetic appeal of open plan living. The peel and reveal label takes this experience a step further, removing visual clutter and unveiling captivating designs that deserve to be displayed. So why settle for ordinary hand wash and lotions when you can transform your living space into a showcase of refined beauty. Embrace this innovative duo and it be become a statement piece in your open living area.