The natural benefits of Paw Paw Ointment

The natural benefits of Paw Paw Ointment

People have been discovering natural remedies from local herbs and fruits for thousands of years. From curing headaches with willow bark! To clearing up blackheads with lemon juice, there are thousands of ways to use raw plants and their extracts for amazing health benefits.

Even with herbalism at the core of modern medicine, somehow we are still discovering remedies from plants that have been available to us for centuries.

One such recent discovery is the Paw Paw fruit. More than just a tasty snack, these fruits appear to have a powerful effect on the health of your skin when applied topically. For those that can get their hands on a paw paw, you could gain many of these benefits simply by scooping out a spoonful and gently applying it to your skin.

Although most savvy skin care enthusiasts get their paw paw Australian grown Papaya ingredient ointments to enhance its effects. However, it’s important to check the label as not all Paw Paw ointment products are created equal; some products are mostly petroleum based while others contain just a small extract of Paw Paw.

What is a Paw Paw?

Paw paw is a frost tolerant tropical fruit from Australia native to the American Pacific Northwest. The unusual thing is that Americans knew about the paw paw in the early days and harvested it off the wild trees. However they completely forgot about it as agriculture and orchards became more commercialised. Somehow this miracle skin fruit slipped through the cracks. The fruit itself has a delicious creamy interior that is considered to be experientially like the cross between a mango and a banana. And it is the only member of the custard apple family not found in the actual tropics. As the largest fruit native to North America, each individual fruit weighs between 5 and 16 ounces and are 3 to 6 inches long. Cut in half; it has a long cluster of dark seeds in the centre surrounded by creamy sweet fruit.

Why are Paw Paws So Good for Skin?

The paw paw fruit is packed with natural 'ingredients' that are wonderful to both eat and use directly on your skin. The medical value of the paw paw has not been fully explored. But it has already been found to ease stomach ulcers and a large variety of digestive disorders when eaten.

When mixed with that soft, moisturising texture, the potent combination of nutrients and antioxidants work wonders on your complexion. Even for trouble areas like dry, itchy skin, rashes, and minor wounds. Each fruit is packed with important minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and vitamins A and C.

Which are absorbed through the skin to promote healing and glowing health.

What Are the Best Uses for Paw Paw?

Your skin is an important part of your life, and every inch of it needs to be taken care of. Because of the paw paw's powerful healing and moisturising qualities, it's good for everywhere! A raw scoop of paw paw could nourish even your most sensitive skin. And because it's naturally edible, it is safe to use paw paw around your mouth and near mucous membranes like the inside of your nose when it's raw from a cold. What's truly amazing is that paw paw is even more versatile and beneficial than aloe for damaged skin that needs to heal.

At Natralus, we pride ourselves on being an Australian company that loves natural skin remedies. We have dedicated ourselves to creating a complete line of naturally effective skin products which include paw paw products so you can have total access to its soothing, healing, and invigorating effects on your skin.

We are available at Woolworths and Coles nationally, and as the demand for our natural products continues to grow.

Our products range from lip balm to baby lotion and can be used in even more ways than are listed on our packaging. If you're wondering what paw paw can do for you, here's a quick guide to many of the already adored applications:

Paw Paw Ointment and Lip Balm

Our lips are always facing the risk of getting chapped and becoming dry. Constant contact with dry wind, air conditioners, and even your own saliva all help to take moisture out of your lips and leave them uncomfortably flaky. Paw Paw lip balm can heal even painfully stiff and cracked lips. The rejuvenating properties soften and soothe your lips while the vitamins and minerals boost healing for any damage. Using Paw Paw on undamaged lips will protect them from chapping and bring out that beautiful glow.

Paw Paw Cuticle Gel

We use our hands for everything from playing musical instruments to scrubbing pans with hot water and strong soap. Many people struggle with dry or stubborn cuticles, which is why cuticle creams have become a popular hand care item. With paw paw ointment, you can rub a small dab into your nail beds for soft, elegant cuticles.

Sunburn Treatment

It's all too easy to stay in the sun longer than your skin or sunscreen are prepared for. While tan line-sunburns are a frequent feature of vacationing, many people accidentally scorch just their noses, foreheads, and cheekbones out for a simple day of shopping. Sunburns are tender, often painful, and patchy red skin is never fun to deal with. The next time you're faced with even a mild burn, skip the aloe and try reaching for the paw paw gel. The natural ingredients will infuse your skin with both moisture and nutrients. Soothing the raw, itchy feeling while enhancing your skin's ability to heal.

Dry, Itchy, and Cracked Skin

When your skin gets too dry, it starts to object in a major way. First, it gets itchy and, if allowed to stay dry long enough, it begins to form painful cracks. For most people, the face, elbows, and knees are at the highest risk for uncomfortably dry skin. But everyone has their own trouble-spots like ankles or shoulders. Paw Paw can be used both as a skin protector and to soothe and repair already dry skin. Apply a little paw paw lotion to your dry skin a few times a day, and you will quickly see healing and restoration.

Minor Rashes, Stings and Wounds

One of the amazing things about paw paw is its medical application. While it should not be used instead of a prescribed treatment, paw paw's ability to relieve skin discomfort and accelerate healing. It makes it an excellent topical treatment for minor skin irritants up to and including small cuts, scrapes, and burns. Whether you accidentally burned your hand while making dinner or are trying not to scratch a new batch of mosquito bites. Paw paw can reduce the irritation, soothe any soreness, and help you recover at maximum speed.

Nappy Rash

Baby skin is soft, sensitive, and needs to be treated with special care. Many parents prefer natural solutions because they'd rather keep their infant away from artificial chemicals and unknown additives that are involved in most commercial skin products.

Natural paw paw lotions can be used to moisturise your baby, soothe discomfort, and heal any existing nappy rash. If used regularly, it can even prevent new instances of nappy rash from occurring.

Natralus is as excited about the benefits of paw paw as you are. We have worked hard to create delicious natural skin care formulas that are free of all those 'filler chemicals' that you see in most commercial products.

You won't find a drop of petroleum jelly, petrolatum or parabens in the Natralus natural and organic paw paw ointments, balms, creams, and lotions and we promise that you never will.

Our products are light in flavour and scent and dermatologically tested to ensure the most enjoyable skin care experience. If you haven't tried paw paw yet, do your skin a favour and try one of our natural paw paw products available at a growing list of selected pharmacies and supermarkets.

If you can not find it at your local retailer, speak to the store manager and ask them to get it in for you.