The top 10 papaya skin benefits

The top 10 papaya skin benefits

You probably know that papaya is a fruit, and that it's good for you. For most people, that's the extent of their knowledge about the papaya. Did you know, for example, that a small papaya contains approximately 300% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C? Did you know that many people use papaya to control their weight, or lower their high blood pressure, or even to help prevent the onset of diabetes, or that many others have been aware for years of papaya skin benefits?

What Exactly Is Papaya?

Papaya is a tropical fruit which is Australian grown. Its scientific name is Carica papaya, but it has many others, including "fruit of the angels" (the name Christopher Columbus first gave it), Papita (in Hindi), Boppay Pandu (in Telugu), and Pappali (in Tamil). The many names given to papaya in different languages are a tribute to its increasingly popularity throughout the world.

What Are Papaya's Principal Chemical Properties?

Papaya can be used in various forms, including ripe, unripe and dried. Papaw has become popular both as a food and for its benefits to the skin, hair and health because it has a combination of chemical properties which make it unique, including the following 4:

  1. Papaya is an unparalleled source of dietary fiber: among other things, the dietary fiber in papaya can absorb dangerous toxins in the colon, some of which are known carcinogens. The fiber in papaya harmlessly removes these toxins from the body, preventing disease and aiding in healthy digestion.
  2. Papaya is rich in important vitamins and minerals: as noted above, just one small papaya contains 3 times the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. It also contains large amounts of vitamin A, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, copper and magnesium. This combination of vitamins and minerals boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of cancer.
  3. Papaya contains antioxidants: the antioxidants in papaya enhance it immunity-boosting properties. They also remove "free radicals," chemicals which are harmful to your health. In addition, papaya contains large amounts of beta-carotene (more, for example, than are contained in carrots).
  4. Papaya has large amounts of bioflavonoids: bioflavonoids (sometimes knows as vitamin P) are important nutrients that help the body respond effectively to environmental hazards. For example, they assist in the body's healthy reaction to certain viruses, allergens and carcinogens.

What Are Papaya's Principal Skin Benefits?

The unique combination of chemical properties in papaya have made it beneficial when used on the skin and the hair, as well as for critical health benefits. For example, papaya can stimulate hair growth, condition the hair and eliminate dandruff. It has also been shown to prevent macular degeneration, promote cardiovascular health and heal wounds.

An increasing number of consumers, however, are focused on papaya skin benefits. Among papaya's principal skin benefits are the following 10:

  1. It can effectively treat discoloured skin: one of the top skin care challenges both men and women face is discoloured skin, or skin that does not have even pigmentation. Papaya has a natural bleaching effect which can lighten dark spots on the skin, as well as the scars and discolouration associated with acne. For example, papaya honey and lemon juice when mixed properly will even out the skin and create a healthier overall appearance.
  2. It is a natural skin moisturiser: the older you are, the more likely you are to experience dry skin on your face and body. Papaya contains large amount of water, which make it a natural and highly effective skin moisturiser. You can enhance the moisturising effects of papaya by both eating it and blending it into a paste that you can mix with honey and apply to dry skin on your face.
  3. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles: as noted above, papaya has powerful antioxidant properties. This makes it effective in reducing the signs of wrinkles, especially crow's feet around the eyes and the wrinkles that form around the mouth. Papaya is especially effective as a wrinkle reducer when you mix it with a small amount of olive oil and rub it any areas you want to treat.
  4. It can treat pimples and acne: papaya's chemical properties make it effective in cleansing the skin. It is particularly effective in treating the signs of acne, and in reducing susceptibility to acne in the future. Simply apply papaya juice to any affected areas for as little as 10 minutes at a time. Repeat this procedure every day and you'll see a marked reduction in pimples and other signs of acne. Again, eating papaya in addition to using it as a topical skin treatment will accelerate its acne-treating properties.
  5. It will make the skin appear brighter and more glowing: many people who want to brighten the appearance of their skin don't want to use chemicals to achieve results. Papaya, because of its natural cleansing properties, will do the job more effectively and without the worries that come with chemical treatments. You can achieve the desired effect by creating a papaya face pack which includes lemon juice. You should apply the face pack to the skin for 30 minutes at a time, and repeat the process once a week. You'll see noticeable results almost immediately.
  6. It creates a soothing effect on sensitive skin: if you have sensitive skin, you can apply the flesh of an unripe papaya to the affected area. The large amount of papain enzyme in papaya acts as a natural soothing and healing agent (note: if you have skin allergies, you should opt for the flesh of a ripe papaya instead of an unripe one).
  7. It acts as a natural depilatory: women spend a great deal of money, and in some cases, endure a great deal of pain, to remove small hairs on the face. Typical treatments range from electrolysis to waxing to bleaching and plucking. Applying a papaya face pack will remove tiny hairs on the skin, without pain and without wasting money.
  8. It can heal cuts and burns: papaya contains chemicals which make it an effective healing agent. (One of those is the same papain enzyme that soothes sensitive skin.) It can lower the incidence of bacteria in wounds, reducing the risk of infection. To get the healing benefits of papaya, rub some of the fruit's fleshy bits into any cuts or burns on your skin. Among its many benefits is the fact that, unlike astringents, papaya is painless, making it a great option to use with your children.
  9. It is an effective exfoliator: people spend a lot of time and money on commercial exfoliators, some of which don't work especially well. The chemicals in papaya make it an extremely effective (and cost-effective) natural exfoliator.
  10. It is an effective treatment for psoriasis and eczema: once again, it is the papain enzyme which makes papaya an outstanding treatment for both eczema and psoriasis. The papain in papaya, in addition to exfoliating the skin, will also remove the impurities associated with these skin ailments to reduce itching and redness.


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