Top reasons to use a natural wrinkle cream

It's one thing to gracefully accept facial lines and wrinkles as a part of getting older. It's quite another to hasten their presence through poor or ineffective skin care.

For most people, fine lines in the facial area begin to appear in the mid-to-late 30s. The outer layer of skin becomes thinner & the effects of ultraviolet exposure show. This comes in the form of sunspots and lines.

The next layer of skin (the dermis) loses collagen and elastin over time. So, wrinkles — especially where the muscles move the most, such as around the mouth — begin to form. Wrinkles also form on the hands, which adds to the appearance of aging.

Treating your skin with a natural regimen can help to reduce the impact of fine lines and wrinkles.

Let's look at how the right natural wrinkle cream can help your facial skin look smoother.

What Causes Wrinkles?
Genetics can play a role in how your skin adapts to the effects of aging, but the environment does a lot of damage.

Increased sun exposure is one of the most significant factors when it comes to wrinkling. So, us Aussies are at a disadvantage. In fact, Australian women age 10-20 years faster than those in northern nations like Canada and the UK.

Another factor is pollution. If you live in a more populated area, the particles in the air can cause up to 20 percent more pigment spots. Pigment spots indicate skin is aging. The same factors that cause discolouration can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

You should use a daily moisturiser and wrinkle cream against pollution & sun exposure.

How Do Natural Products Help?
How do harsh chemicals in skin care products help resolve the problem? The answer: They don't. Putting chemicals on sensitive skin doesn't help improve it, nor does it reduce the signs of aging.

Natralus is a family-owned company dedicated to making quality products from natural ingredients. We know the skin better absorbs & implements natural ingredients. They bring results that are more effective than anything harsh chemicals can achieve.

To get the best results from your skin care, use products with natural ingredients. One such product is our SuperVitals Daily Moisturiser. SuperVitals contains superfood ingredients — the same foods you eat for improved health:

• Kale Extract. Kale contains antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and K, as well as polynutrients. These help your skin naturally produce collagen. Remember, it's the loss of collagen in the second layer of skin, the dermis, that leads to lines. Kale's antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals and make your skin look smoother.
• Pomegranate Extract. With Vitamin C and polyphenols, pomegranate is truly a nourishing food. Its antioxidants reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, pomegranate moisturises and improves skin elasticity.

SuperVitals Daily Moisturiser also contains coconut oil and shea butter. Both of these ingredients work to nourish the skin. The product has antioxidants & skin-repairing compounds from ingredients like aloe vera & acai berries. These ingredients help your skin heal and hydrate to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

You can buy SuperVitals Daily Moisturiser in both a 75g hand cream and a 200g face and body cream option.

Natural products can prevent exposure to chemicals. They provide effective healing to the delicate skin on your face and hands.

Four Reasons to Use a Natural Wrinkle Cream
Can natural ingredients reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Are they the best choice for your facial skin and body?

Here are four reasons why Natralus products are the best choice for your skin:

1. Natural products don't contain parabens, petroleum or fragrances.

Parabens are a type of preservative used in a lot of skin care products. They cause endocrine disruption & interfere with your hormones. Endocrine disruption can lead to diseases like cancer.

Petroleum can make you think you're helping moisturise your skin due to its ability to form a barrier. But that same barrier dries your skin over time.

Using petroleum based products may feel nice, but they'll cause long-term problems. Some petroleum-based chemicals are suspected of causing cancer.

Fragrance is also drying and can cause reactions in people with sensitive skin.

Protecting your face from these chemicals will reduce dryness and facial lines.

2. Natural products work synergistically with your skin.

You're not fighting your skin's natural processes when you use natural wrinkle cream. Our products are absorbed by your skin and counteract free radical damage. They also boost collagen and elastin in your skin.

Your skin feels hydrated, not whipped into shape with unnatural chemicals.

3. We know how natural products interact with your body.

We don't have to guess at the long-term effects that kale, for example, will have on your overall health.

Supervitals Daily Moisturiser contains other ingredients like Acai berries and aloe vera. Both have a long track record of being right for you, both inside and out.

Untested chemicals can be harsh and have cumulative effects we can't see for many years. These chemicals are transported through your blood and lymph system throughout your body.

Don't risk using a skin care product that has synthetic ingredients that are unproven. You may see a short-term improvement. However, the long-term results won't be as good as if you used natural ingredients on your skin.

Natural products are much less likely to cause a skin allergy or sensitivity over time.

4. Natural products are better for the environment.

When you buy natural products, you're not contributing to unsustainable practices. Many skin care products once contained microplastics. These particles harmed fragile ecosystems in Australia. Researchers found high concentrations in 42 locations around the nation's coastlines.

The US. & others have banned microplastics in cosmetic products. Meanwhile, Australia is asking manufacturers to reduce their usage.

By using a natural product, you know you're not adversely impacting the environment.

Trusting Natralus to Deliver
No one wants to enhance their fine lines and wrinkles — on the face or the hands. Reducing these signs of aging helps you look and feel younger and improves the tone of your skin. Natural products let your skin take the lead & improve elasticity.

Just because Natralus products are natural doesn't mean we compromise on standards. It's vital that every product is consistent and lives up to your requirements for top quality.

Our products are Australian Certified Organic & our manufacturing process is entirely in-house. We have independent officials audit and certify our facility every year.

Natural wrinkle cream is the best way to treat your wrinkles. For wrinkles and natural skin care, Natralus is the only option.