Why it's effective to use papaya for babies

Your skin is important to you, your health and your comfort. It is even more important for your baby, and even though they don't know that, you do. With that knowledge comes the responsibility to care for your children to the best of your abilities. Parenting is a weighty job, but it is also a joyous one!

Keeping our young safe is more than a responsibility. It is a desire driven by love to provide our children with the happiest, healthiest and safest world we can. That means protecting them and their new delicate skin. It also means there are many skin issues you may incur in helping their skin adjust and adapt to their new world.

Common Skin Issues for Babies

There are skin issues that require the attention of a paediatrician, but those are the minority of skin problems facing babies. These are the most common skin concerns parents will likely encounter...

Infant Acne

Infant acne isn't uncommon, and reports suggest that around 40% of all babies will develop it. Parents will generally see this blemish on their baby's skin at about two to three weeks old. Infant acne can last for nearly six months on the long end. While this isn't the prettiest skin irritation, your baby won't experience any discomfort from infant acne. More about how to treat this and the other baby skin issues will be discussed later.

Cradle Cap

This is, for all intents and purposes, the baby version of dandruff. Those yellow crusts, deep red bumps or dandruff-like flakes on your baby's head are called cradle cap. The medical term is seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and it will appear within the first three months and can persist for up to a year. Like infant acne, this condition is neither painful or itchy.

Infant Eczema

You may have also heard this referred to as atopic dermatitis. It is considerably more unpleasant than the aforementioned skin conditions. It is an itchy rash that can also produce tiny pimples that can burst and ooze, leaving your baby feeling uncomfortable. This condition begins on the face and could spread across your infant's little body. Infant eczema isn't something you or your child will want to leave untreated. (Albeit a lesser form, cradle cap is traditionally categorised in the eczema family and doesn't cause your baby any discomfort).

Dry Skin

This common condition isn't just for older children and adults, your baby can develop dry skin as well. In fact, your child may be more likely to develop dry skin than you are since they are wearing brand new skin. Unless this condition escalates and you begin to see cracked skin or the spreading of dry patches, dry skin isn't too difficult to treat.

Heat Rash

Parents might notice little red spots occurring around the neck, face, upper torso or armpits of their baby. That is heat rash. Caused by clogging of sweat glands, this condition is usually very short-lived. Despite heat rash only lasting a week or so, it can still be an irritation to your baby's skin.


There isn't much explanation needed here as most of us have experienced sunburn at some point in our life, most of us more than once. Your child may be even more susceptible because of their fresh, un-toughened skin.

Diaper Rash

Common to nearly every baby, it is almost unavoidable. Indicated by a sore and red bottom, this skin irritation shouldn't cause any alarms. If the condition doesn't clear up in a few days, however, you may want to contact the paediatrician.

Treating Your Baby's Skin

With these and other dangers to your baby's delicate skin, finding ways to keep their skin safe is vital. Of course, not every listed condition requires treatment. When treatment is required, parents need effective options.

The Secret of Papaya

Fortunately, Natralus has designed a line of safe, natural products that parents can feel good about using. One of the secrets behind how Natralus has created such an effective product lies in the properties of the papaya. Some of the benefits of papaya for babies include having protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Natralus also uses an adequate amount of papaya in our products, not a trace like so many "all natural" and "safe" product declarations. The power of papaya and other natural ingredients has enabled Natralus to create a specially designed product line for children.

My Little One Range

The Natralus product line for young children is called the My Little One Range. This range offers a variety of useful products. We will also see how these products can be helpful in treating many of those listed conditions.

Gentle Cleanse Shampoo & Body Wash

This effective papaya loaded product offers gentle soap-free cleansing for hair and delicate skin. When treating cradle cap, a massage and the use of mineral oil are effective in loosening dead skin. Following this up with a gentle shampoo wash is a common recommendation. The Gentle Cleanse Shampoo & Body Wash will wash away dead skin and excess oil, and have your baby smelling good and feeling better.

Loving Care Nourishing Skin Lotion

Using Loving Care Nourishing Skin Lotion is a great way to help with and protect against dry skin. This baby-safe lotion can be useful in helping to ease the discomfort caused by infant eczema. The site for new mothers, What to Expect, offered these treatment tips for infant eczema:

"To ease the pain, apply a gentle hypoallergenic moisturizer while your sweetie's skin is still damp from a (short and not-too-hot) bath and leave a cool-mist humidifier running in his bedroom."

Natralus' Loving Care product will help parents find relief for their baby and comfort in helping their little one get well.

Joyful Bubbles Bubble Bath

At the onset of this conversation, we talked about the weight and joy of parenthood. Watching your young one play in the natural bubbles will make you smile and add lots of fun to your little one's bath time.

Relaxing Touch Massage Oil

A skin-softening formula with organic oils to relax and soothe your little one. This is another alternative for dry skin and is also safe to use on a regular basis. The key to fighting dry skin is keeping it hydrated. Hydration keeps the skin soft and healthy, leaving your baby happy.

Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm

Parents make every effort to keep their babies' skin healthy, but they can't prevent everything. This product is perfect for treating dry skin after it has developed. It excels in delivering soothing relief from insect bite, rash and scratch irritation.

Happy Bottom Nappy Barrier Cream

If you instantly thought "diaper rash", then you would be correct. The important thing to remember with using this product is "when" to use it. This product offers all the benefits of papaya for babies and their skin that the other Natralus products do. Just don't use it while your little one already has a rash. This is a great product to prevent rashes in nappy areas, and a great way to keep your baby smiling.

Papaya is the Natural Solution

You are probably aware of the concern regarding products that use chemicals in their ingredients. While adults and parents may be able to endure trying a bad or ineffective product, that just isn't acceptable for our little bundles of joy.

Natralus doesn't use dangerous chemicals. We naturally source our products, we produce in-house, and we deliver effective skin care solutions. When it comes to your baby's skin, Natralus deliver the safest and most effective products.

Papaya makes the products effective, and the combination of ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E only make them more so. Papaya for babies truly is the most effective option. Your baby relies on you to feed them, love them and keep them safe. Natralus understands the responsibility of family (we are family owned and operated!) and your concerns are our concerns.

Natural ingredients like papaya + a company that cares about you and your baby = Safe and reliable products for parents to use. Papaya for babies is the natural solution, and Natralus is the natural choice for products that deliver results for you and your baby.