Why natural baby products is the only choice

Why natural baby products is the only choice

When you bring your baby home, you want everything to be perfect -- including the products you use on her skin. You know that all natural is good, but beyond that, you may not have any idea of what ingredients you're looking for or how to know if a natural baby product you choose will actually work.

Natralus has introduced a line of baby skin products so you know you're getting cleansers and lotions that are specifically designed for delicate newborns. The six products in the "My Little One" line are completely safe -- and they work without containing any harsh chemicals. They are also Dermatologically tested and Paediatrician Recommended.

Your baby's skin is different from adult skin, and it needs to be treated as such. The outer layer of a baby's skin is more permeable and looser than older skin, and it can absorb anything put on it more quickly. It's important to be especially cautious about only using gentle and natural baby products.

What beneficial ingredients are in Natralus' My Little One products?

Throughout all of Natralus' products, a common theme is the use of Paw Paw, a type of natural papaya that contains moisturizing and soothing compounds.

A key component of Paw Paw: papain, a natural enzyme that protects living skin cells and gently breaks down dead skin cells. Papain naturally works against inflammation and has healing properties, so it can help minimize any scrapes or scratches that your little one gets. Paw Paw contains plenty of Vitamin A, a crucial building block for healthy skin that acts as an antioxidant without causing damage to your baby as well as moisture-retaining sugars and additional protective antioxidants.

By using Paw Paw, we take advantage of all the benefits of papaya while making sure it is of the highest quality.

The My Little One natural baby products also contain:

  • Shea butter - a fat taken from the nut of the African shea tree that contains the same healing moisturisers that the skin emits from its sebaceous glands.
  • Oatmeal extract - from natural oats, this extract is calming and soothing to red or sensitive skin.
  • Calendula - a flower extract that heals wounds and helps with the contact dermatitis rashes that sensitive babies sometimes develop in reaction to environmental irritants.
  • Aloe Vera - a succulent plant that contains a soothing and healing gel, sometimes used to treat cuts and burns.
  • Rosehip - a flower extract that contains plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Jojoba oil - an extract from the seed of the Jojoba shrub that is similar to the skin's own moisturisers and penetrates deeply for true protection.

The combination of these ingredients help to nurture and protect skin, as well as soothe any contact rashes or diaper rashes that your baby may develop in the first few months of life. You can trust that our products use natural, sustainably harvested ingredients that are beneficial to your baby's skin and overall health.

What does Natralus leave OUT of their products?

Of course the My Little One products contain natural and effective ingredients, but that's all for nothing if the rest of the formulation includes artificial chemicals, fragrances or colors. Natralus has the philosophy that what isn't in their natural baby products is just as important as what is there.

To that end, you will never see any petroleum-based ingredients, which can penetrate the skin and potentially impact your baby's health. We also leave out:

  • Parabens. These chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption and actually can cause skin irritation -- neither of which you want your newborn to experience.
  • Sulphates. Sulphates are often included in bath products because they have foaming properties, but they're derived from petroleum and can cause dryness and irritation.
  • Mineral oil. This oil is actually a cheap by-product of the petroleum processing industry, and it acts as a barrier on the skin. This prohibits your baby's skin from acting as it should, releasing toxins and healing properly from any scrapes.
  • Lanolin. Touted as natural, lanolin comes from the waxy material that covers and protects a sheep's coat. But it's notoriously difficult to purify, so it often contains pesticides, dirt, pollen and even fecal bacteria.

Some of these may be considered "natural" but they're not helpful, and can overload your baby's sensitive system.

In addition, there are never artificial colors or fragrances in any Natralus products, including the My Little One washes and lotions -- they just aren't needed and could lead to irritation. Wouldn't you rather use a clear, naturally scented product with a hint of vanilla and enjoy the smell of your baby?

What products are included in the My Little One line?

From head to toe, the littlest member of your family will be pampered by the Natralus My Little One natural baby products, which includes:

  • Gentle Cleanse Shampoo and Body Wash. Use anywhere on the body to clean without soap. This cleanser is designed specifically for delicate skin and hair. Comes in a 200ml bottle.
  • Joyful Bubbles Bubble Bath. For fun at bathtime, use this natural bubble bath that's gentle enough to soak in and creates bubbles that are great for play. Comes in a 200 ml bottle.
  • Loving Care Nourishing Skin Lotion -Certified Organic. The best organic skin lotion for smoothing and sealing moisture into your baby's delicate skin. Silky smooth to the touch. Comes in a 200 ml pump and 75g tube.
  • Relaxing Touch Massage Oil. Soft massage can help your baby sleep better and cry less. This massage oil contains organic oils and skin softeners to help relax your little one. Come in a 125 ml bottle.
  • Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm. You can't prevent scratches, scrapes and insect bites, so use a product that can calm the irritated skin. This balm can also help with mild rashes. Comes in a 75g tub or 75g tube.
  • Happy Bottom Nappy Barrier Cream. Diaper rash is a huge concern for new parents. Protect your baby's delicate diaper area with extra skin nourishment. Comes in a 100g tube.

Use these products together or choose only what you need. They're never too harsh to use in combination and are formulated to protect baby's skin whether used one at a time or together, such as during and after a bath.

Why should you choose My Little One products for your baby?

At Natralus, we don't just formulate something we think will work and be gentle. We test it extensively to make sure it is effective and won't harm your baby.

From ingredient selection to testing, we manage the entire development and production process in-house so we can make sure that each natural baby product is as safe and effective as we claim. Our testing is always cruelty free -- why harm any creature when making a product that is supposed to be safe and nurturing? By managing the entire process, we can also guarantee sustainable practices and proper treatment of our workers.

Our researchers look for ways to tailor our products just for you and your baby, making sure that your needs are accounted for as we create the best washes, lotions and creams.

All the natural baby products in the My Little One range are dermatologically tested to be kind and gentle to your child's sensitive skin. We also ensure that the entire line is Australian Certified Toxic Free, as well as Paediatrician approved and recommended.

Ask at your local pharmacy for the entire range of My Little One natural baby products from Natralus distributors throughout Australia and online.

My Little One range can be the perfect partner/companion in the first few yeards as a specially formulated 0-5 year old range.