Natural Deodorant

The Natural Deodorant That You Can Trust!

Nature’s Got You Covered

Natralus’ truly effective all natural deodorants are made with pure, simple and the most effective ingredients.

Beautifully alluring subtle scents, perfect for everyone!

Natralus deodorants are created to absorb quickly without residue, staining and pore clogging.

Our natural Deodorants are pH-balanced and create a shield on your underarms to neutralise odour and reduce sweat, at the same time caring for the delicate skin of your armpits.

Free from harsh ingredients like triclosan, aluminium, talc and parabens, our deodorants are safe and great for all skin types.

Formerly known as JAMA Australia.

Made in Australia

cruelty free

vegan & eco friendly

naturally effective

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

gentle on skin

Keep your skin looking healthy and feeling good, naturally.