Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment

“On first application I noticed the smoothness; it’s very silky and not oily! There is minimal smell which was a bonus and I didn’t notice any strong flavour… this product ticked all the right boxes. I was impressed (with) an all-natural product and happy to use with no negatives. Thanks :)” Rachel, Golden Gully

“It felt nice and it did the job on my daughter's wind-blown, sore, dry lips.” Susie, Cammeray

“Recently my lips were very dry and making it really painful but after applying the Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment, my lips felt moist, nourished and most importantly soothed. It tasted nice and wasn't sticky like some other lip balms. I was able to apply it evenly and smoothly over my lips. I have been using Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment And Lucas is a little bit on the thick and gooey spectrum. The smell is not as good as the Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment.” Vivienne, Cherrybrook

“I currently use Lucas paw paw ointment and Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment was so much better! It didn't go lumpy at all unlike Lucas paw paw.” Lauren, Ballarat

“Easy to apply, doesn't leave you sticky, great texture, just a great product all round… Compared to Lucas - Natralus is easier to apply and has a smoother texture.” Rebecca, Black River

“It was absolutely awesome! Not too sticky, absorbed quite easily and smelt divine!” Jennifer, Frankston

“I used Lucas Papaw Ointment, Lucas is very lumpy and very greasy due to the high content of Petroleum Jelly, the Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment however it so smooth and has a nice gloss (great for lips) Lucas also has a funny smell however this one smells really yum!” Selam, Hallett Cove

“Great quality product! 10 out of 10, I loved the feel of it and the texture. It’s not too sticky and it really helped my dry lips. In all honestly

I like your Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment much better than Lucas.” Anthea, Thomastown

“It was great because it soothed my sons face from his red rashes, it wasn’t oily” Kelly, Scoresby

"I want to say thanks to Natralus for making such great and effective products.  I know many people are struggling to fix simple skin rashes, which are often made worse by products referred by pharmacists. I found Natralus via a google search into a natural alternative, and when I called, I was recommended to use the Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel initially, then the Essential Paw Paw Ointment.  The paw paw ointment has remarkably cleared up my skin condition by up to 85% in three weeks.  It was an excellent result in that time considering that all the products I have tried previously from chemists and health food shops only made the rash worse.  I am very happy with the result I achieved by using the Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment, and want to say thank you for creating the only product that actually helped to fix the problem, and thanks for all your help and advice." Joseph, Mt Evelyn


Natralus Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel & Spray

"Thank you for the free samples of aloe vera, Essential Paw Paw and Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel. On receiving I opened the Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel and placed it on my knee (psoriasis) I have continued every other hour to rub the gel into my knee. My son said 'it looks smooth'. The knee has been constantly red I have noticed that natural skin tone is starting to reappear. I will be buying this product to continue treatment to see the final outcome as I have tried various prescription and over the counter creams without any long term relief. Thank you for the samples be sure to let others know about it." Kathleen, NSW

"Wow, I wish I knew about you guys sooner, all natural and all Australian, well done. The products are amazing and I don't know how I ever lived without them especially when we go camping. I tried them out on my month old bub and children to and it works a treat on the mozzie bites. Definitely recommended  your products to all my friends. Thanks again." Fallon, Bowenville Qld

“I have used aloe vera plants for years to soothe my skin, but this works so much better” Peter, Glebe

“Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel works so much better than other products that I have tried. It’s easily applied and absorbs quickly, and it’s not sticky or oily.  I will be carrying it around as a first aid skin remedy.  Thanks for this great new product.” Lynne, Stirling

“How I love this product. I put it on after I burnt myself and it soothed my skin rapidly and effectively.” Heather, Nhill


Natralus Intensive Skin Therapy Pure Moisturising Lotion

" I love how lightweight it is on my own skin and in soaks it really quickly, not leaving any unnecessary residue! It smells divine and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!"

"This product is also great for when I occasionally get sunburnt! The flaking and redness is significantly reduced using the moisturiser!!! I was really impressed with how well this product works!" - Beauty Heaven Member

 "I was delighted to see a new, alternative paw-paw skin treatment as the same old brands had been available for ages & I was looking for a change. Compared to other brands on the market, Natralus is great value for money & I love the fact it comes in a variety of sizes. I carry the 30g tube in my handbag for use when I'm out & about and I keep the larger size at home for regular everyday use. I found this moisturiser doubles as a regular moisturiser while also providing me with a natural glow. It offers rapid absorption, making it perfect to use when you're on the go. It's a wonderful, natural alternative to many other alternative moisturisers on the market. A definite must have for every woman's daily beauty routine" - Bianca Jennen

"I used to use this for my eczema on the insides of my elbows and the back of my knees, which tend to get very dry, very itchy and very irritated during the warmer, more humid days. This provides temporary relief which is better than nothing! It feels a little cool (I keep it in the fridge) and soothes the itchiness and any dry patches I sometimes get. Now I use this as a hand cream because it's moisturising enough!" - Beauty Heaven Member

"I received Natralus Intensive Skin Therapy in a gift pack from Priceline pharmacy. I really liked it as I love Paw Paw ointment, so I gave it a try. It is very good for very dry, irritated and flaky skin. I used it on my hands as well before sleeping as my hands become very rough after doing household work and dishwashing. I found my hands well hydrated, soft and moisturised in the mornings after using it overnight as it contains shea butter and chamomile which hydrate and soothe the skin. This free from petrochemicals and parabens... - Jairad


Natralus Soothing Skin Relief Hydrating Gel & Spray

“LOVED (!!!) this product. It smelt amazing, the texture was really smooth and it works wonders. I burnt my finger on a hot glue gun and happened to have this in my handbag. I put it on and it worked a charm.” Ebony, Berwick

“Natralus Aloe Vera smells great....smoothes nicely onto the skin. It soothed red angry itchy bites on my ankle.” Ange, Hope Valley

“Oh how I love this product, I burnt myself and put it straight on it instantly took away the sting and it did not blister at all.” Vanessa, Wangaratta

“I get a lot of cuts and grazes on my hands from working and the Natralus pure aloe vera worked very well to soothe them and help to heal them.” Bianca, Rowville

“Loved it! Worked a treat on my little girl and her skin irritation cleared up so quickly and she said it felt heaps better, thank-you!” Jennifer, Frankston

“The smell was great, and the soothing ability of it was amazing.” Lauren, Ballarat

“Wonderful! It has the lovely feel and coolness of traditional aloe vera gel, but it doesn't leave that horrible sticky residue… I use Thursday Plantation – it’s not even close to Natralus!” Rebecca, Black River

“The product was very light and soft on my skin. They smell also wasn't over powering which I was very pleased with. I actually mostly use fresh Aloe from my garden! I think Natralus is as good and a lot more convenient!” Sally, Adelaide


Natralus Hand & Skin Shield Liquid Gloves

"It is a very good product for tradies & cleaners or housewife if you use a lot of water for cleaning it will protect your hands from drying out and cracking. I recommend it to anyone" Anonymous


Natralus My Little One

"The Natralus Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm has rapid healing properties for not only myself but my whole family too. I burned my finger on the hot pan whilst cooking, ran it under cold water then applied the paw paw oinment and within seconds all the severe pain and uncomfortable heat was instantly relieved. An extremely versatile product that can be used for everyone's rashes, chapped lips, cuts, burns, wounds and immediately relieves the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema. It contains traditional antibacterial and therapeutic properties that quickly heal my skin. The Natralus Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm feels completely natural and I can use it I want without it causing any irritation. I highly recommend the big tubs for the home and the smaller Natralus Natural Paw Paw tubes for perfect places such as the makeup and handbag." Beauty Heaven Member

"Which baby doesn't get nappy rash or other distressing skin irritations? Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm is natural, which we're all looking for these days, as well as being easily absorbed and very effective. Being organic and containing no nasties makes this product perfect for tender, sensitive skin. Keep some in the bathroom cabinet and keep your baby happy." Beauty Heaven Member

"I would like to highly recommend the Natralus ‘Make It Better’ cream from the My Little One range.  I normally use Sudocrem on my daughter , who seems to be prone to soreness and nappy rash - especially when teething! When I use Sudocrem I would often put baby powder on after applying it as the moisture in the nappy seems to wash the cream off. Even when using this method it could be up to a couple of days before seeing any improvement. However I used the ‘Make It Better’ cream and one application and the next nappy change there was a huge difference. The sore area initially was really quite red and after one application the inflammation had gone right down - the cream really soaks into the skin and therefore doesn't get washed away by other moisture. Brilliant Product! Looking forward to trying the ‘Happy Bottom’ nappy barrier cream. I would also like to add that the Natralus Nourishing Cream - really helps my daughter's skin - she has had eczema from quite young and normally I use a prescripted dermatologist cream - even with this, her skin is often quite dry feeling and obviously irritates her, but I used the Nourishing Cream all over her body instead and her skin feels lovely and soft - like baby skin should do! Also the ‘Gentle Cleanse’ shampoo and body wash and ‘Joyful Bubbles’ bubble bath from the My Little One range are lovely too.  They smell gorgeous and the shampoo makes my daughter's hair so soft! It's nice to have a completely natural product for the bath and shampoo as my doctor advised me against Johnson's products as they contain preservatives and it was making my daughter's eczema worse.  Now I finally have some great products which are going to make my daughter much more comfortable and my life much easier! - thank you Natralus." Naomi


Natrasan Instant Hand Sanitiser

“This is seriously a great product. It has a nice feel and pleasant scent that is not overpowering. I work in a child care centre, so I am always reapplying sanitisers to my hands and the surfaces. The NatraSan non-alcohol based sanitiser is safe for the children, and doesn’t dry out my hands.” Bec, Karatha

“What I love about NatraSan Hand Sanitiser Spray is the fresh smell.  I used to buy Dettol and every time I opened the cap it would set me coughing with the fumes from the alcohol. I never have that issue with NatraSan!  It isn’t slimy like other brands….. Best of all, there’s no residue or sticky feeling- my hands just feel soft and moisturised after I‘ve used it. “ Lynne, Ascot Park