Caring for lip sunburn the Natralus way

Lip Sunburn - The sun is one of the greatest gifts to the earth and is responsible for creating the type of environment we require as humans to live. Every coin has two sides.

The sun is also a primary culprit for many ailments, and nothing is under more significant attack from the sun than our skin.

Sunburn is unpleasant, uncomfortable and often painful. When we talk about lip sunburn — there is nothing worse! For those who always lick their lips. (The number of those in this grouping could grow exponentially during the holiday season!), this condition is unbearable. For those who have the habit of biting their lips, lip sunburn is like a punishment. For the rest of us who might use our lips to eat, talk or in some other form or fashion the urgent need and desire for relief of lip sunburn is demanded.

Delicate Demands

No sunburn is a happy sunburn, but not all sunburns are created equal. There is a big difference between a sunburn on the skin of your battle-tested and toughened arm compared to a lip sunburn. Few parts of the body are as delicate and vulnerable to climate and conditions as your lips.

These delicate concerns for our lips require delicate care. That kind of care means finding products that will nurture and care for our lips. It means having products that are safe and that promote healing while delivering relief.

Companies like Natralus respond to these dire needs by creating products that offer real solutions. Providing solutions that are safe, effective and natural and organic.


Applying harmful chemicals or painful and ineffective treatments to your lips is like adding insult to injury. It is also a waste of time and money. That is why finding safe products to treat your delicate lips, and lip sunburn is a necessity.

Dermatologically tested products that also follow the most reliable and stringent manufacturing practices. To provide the safest possible results is the formula Natralus uses. They described the process this way-

"Our formulating chemists are always sourcing and testing new natural and organic ingredients and creating new formulas you can trust to help you care for yourself and the people you love...

With our own research and development department, formulation lab, Organic certified manufacturing and packaging facility."

Having their own facilities affords Natralus the ability to oversee and assure that the safest and best manufacturing practices and policies are employed. That gives customers the peace of mind in knowing that the products they use are safe.


It isn't enough to have a safe product, especially when your lips are burning, stinging and sore. You want and need healing and relief. In other words, you need an effective product for your delicate lips — one that works.

Besides following international manufacturing standards and their own rigorous internal standards. The effectiveness of Natralus products are also dermatologically tested and dermatalogist recomended. Following the best practices and in-house testing are vital to producing the highest quality products. Look for products that are tested and safe. Products that follow reliable standards and that are proven.

It doesn't take long to know if a product is working. Satisfied customers are always the greatest litmus test to determine a product's effectiveness. The secret to how companies like Natralus create and deliver such effective and safe products, however, goes deeper than manufacturing practices and testing laboratories...

The Natural and Organic Secret

If ingredients like DMDM Hydantoin or Imidazolidinyl Urea Diazolidinyl Urea all of which are formaldehyde donors, or Hydroxybenzoate also known as Parabens, sound pleasing and safe? Then you are in luck as these can be found in many products. But were you aware that DMDM Hydrantoin is a petrochemical?

Anyone looking for something a little less adventurous to treat their sunburnt lips might want to seek out ingredients such as:

Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Calendula.

Using these pure natural and organic ingredients in addition to the magical properties of Paw Paw. Natralus gives customers a natural and organic effective answer for lip care.

That answer is called Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment and Lip Balm. It is designed to be safe and to effectively replenish moisture levels as it soothes the pain of sunburnt lips. The importance and benefits of natural and organic products when caring for your lips and skin can't be overstated...

"Please keep in mind that when you use anything on your skin or hair, all the ingredients absorb into your body. Skin absorption is so potent that an increasing number of medicines are in patch form. Applying creams and oils is no different from eating them. Because they enter the blood-stream regardless if they are ingested in the mouth or absorbed through the skin!"

Putting chemicals on your sunburnt lips just doesn't seem right, and it isn't necessary. Using natural and organic, safe products that work is the obvious choice. Not every benefit is so obvious...

The Natralus Advantage

Most who are familiar with Natralus know that they are an Australian-based company. One story regarding the dangers of the sun said,

"With its proximity to the South Pole's seasonal "ozone hole," Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world.

Regardless of the dubious title, the heat and power of the sun on the beautiful country of Australia is a well-known and documented fact. So what does that have to do with the discussion about lip sunburn? In a word, everything.

If any person or business knows about the importance of sunburn prevention and care, it would be those in the land down under! This could explain the great following Natralus has within its own country and why that following is getting larger. When you live in a land where sunburn prevention and skin care isn't an option but a necessity, you know what safe and effective products to use.

Your Benefit

Although the people from Australia may have had to suffer for years before finding the best and healthiest ways to care for their lips and skin. It has been to your benefit. As an Australian, your predecessors discovered what did and didn't work and the best sunburn treatments. The rest of the world has also benefited from the lessons learned. And from the products of Australian-based companies like Natralus.

Beyond caring for your sunburnt lips, Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment and Lip Balm offer many other practical and effective uses. It is, of course, an excellent lip balm that will help keep your lips moist. Along with the sun, wind and dryness that can leave skin cracked and dry, Natralus Paw Paw ointment will relieve and restore your damaged and dry skin.

Those are examples of some of the many other benefits the Natralus line affords customers from Australia and all over the globe. Caring for your skin the right way. And treating your lip sunburn with safe and effective products are a few of the advantages of using natural and organic products. Natralus embodies this truth. Evident from the company name to every step of the process. From developing and manufacturing to delivering safe and effective products.

This is the right way to care for your skin and lips — this is the Natralus way.