Detox your skin for summer

With the warmer weather on the way, everybody wants to look their best. During the cooler months, skin can become neglected beneath additional layers of clothing. It may appear dull or sallow due to a lack of daylight and the tendency to curl up in the warm with some comfort food when the thermometer plunges, rather than exercising and eating cleanly. If you're eager to enjoy great-looking skin, a detox can often be a great place to start. By combining work on skin condition from the inside, along with attention to external factors which can damage the skin, it's possible to do a complete detox which will set you up for great looking skin in the future.

Pay attention to nutrition, hydration and lifestyle

Although natural skin care products are a critical part of any detox, it's important to remember that natural skin care also includes attention to lifestyle variables that can affect skin health from the inside. Adequate hydration is vital to help flush toxins away for three reasons: water is essential for the natural physiological processes of skin regeneration and rejuvenation to occur; sweating is one way in which the body removes toxins and impurities - to sweat effectively, adequate moisture is required; and water is needed to help plump the skin out and ensure that it looks its best.


A healthy diet, rich in good fats, plant-based products and vitamins (particularly vitamins C and E) is an important factor in sustaining skin health. If you've been letting your diet slip a little recently, use your detox as a time to focus on eating in a way which provides your body with the nutrients needed for optimal well-being. For some people, a good-quality supplement could really make a difference to skin appearance and health.

Exercise and rest

Exercise promotes sweating, which is an excellent way for the body to remove impurities from the skin. Exercise also enhances the circulation, helping to increase the rate at which rejuvenation and cell renewal takes place. Enough sleep is also vital. Experts suggest that between seven to nine hours a night is about right for optimal well-being.

Go non-toxic

Toiletries, make-up and skincare products often contain chemicals that can potentially damage not only the skin, but also be absorbed into the body. Particularly when combined with the pollutants which are an everyday part of life (air pollution, for example, or dust, dirt and grime found in the home: even cleaning products may be a source of toxic chemicals), toxins can accumulate over time. Although the body is very good at breaking down damaging substances, giving it a break by using natural skincare options and avoiding pollutants can really make a difference. Our range of skincare products have been specifically formulated to be toxin-free. Our products do not contain parabens, petroleum or any other harsh chemicals. With active plant ingredients, they are designed to be nurturing and sympathetic to the body's needs.

Organic skin care products

Unfortunately, plant-based products which aren't organic may contain traces of pesticides, weed retardants or other chemicals which don't do humans any good. Just like any other toxin, some of these chemicals may not be totally eliminated from the body, potentially causing skin problems as well as other issues over time. We use organic ingredients to create our skincare range, ensuring that when you detox your skin using our range, you're feeding it with the nutrients it needs, without the addition of harmful chemicals. The organic skin care we provide is extremely effective, as well as being kind to skin.

Detox for summer with natural skin care

A good skincare regime can really make a difference when it comes to detoxing for summer. Skin care is a great way of removing surface impurities that build up as a result of pollution, sweat and exposure to everyday dust and dirt. Exfoliation can remove dead skin particles, allowing your natural inner glow to shine through. Thorough exfoliation also ensures more thorough removal of particles on the skin which may provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Moisturising is a key part of keeping skin in great condition, which is why our intensive skin therapy and ultra skin repair are such useful additions to your skin care routine.

Harnessing plant power to do your skin good

Our products are created using plant-based ingredients that have been specifically picked for their beneficial effect on skin condition. We use active ingredients such as paw-paw, aloe vera, papaya and vitamin E in our products, providing detox products that are natural, organic and cruelty-free. Many of the plant extracts that we use have been scientifically tested and researched to demonstrate the therapeutic effect which they have on the skin. No matter what your skin type may be, we have a product range that will work for you when it comes to detoxing successfully.

Detox - the start of something special

When you decide to complete a detox, it's almost certain that your skin will show a noticeable improvement in elasticity, clarity and smoothness. The trick to maintaining these changes is to make sure you engage in a healthy lifestyle, coupled with the continued use of skin care products which are natural, organic and created from plant extracts and other plant-based ingredients. Research has shown that many plant-based compounds can make a real difference to the skin, at the same time as being sustainable and cruelty-free. Used alongside positive lifestyle changes, the right selection of skincare products may completely transform skin condition and appearance.

If you want your skin to look its very best for the warmer months, a combination of lifestyle changes to tackle impurities on the inside, coupled with a strong skin care routine to tackle pollutants and build-up on the outside, can go a long way towards fresher, healthier looking skin. Our range of non-toxic products that contain premium natural ingredients is a great place to start when you want to engage in a pre-summer detox that gets you the results that you're looking for.