What are your Aloe Vera products really made of?

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular ingredients used in skin care products on the market today – and for a good reason. The gel from this plant moisturises like no other while providing deep soothing skin relief for sufferers of acne and sunburn; offering its healing properties to any multiple of skin irritations.

So it comes as no surprise when its thousands of users around the globe call it a “wonder plant.” Whether it's used for cosmetic benefits or medicinal purposes, Aloe Vera is as natural as it is versatile, and it is a crucial ingredient for our organic skincare range at Natralus.

The benefits of Aloe Vera

There are many benefits to using Aloe Vera on your body, especially if you are prone to acne or sensitive skin. Some of these benefits include:

- Deep moisturising of dry skin

- Soothing of sunburnt skin

- Natural cleanser

- Anti-inflammatory for reddened or inflamed skin irritations

- Natural healer of damaged or scarred skin

- Helps relieve facial lines and other signs of ageing

- Assists in lessening the visibility of stretch marks

Suitable for all ages, Aloe Vera gel is taken from the inside of the succulent’s stem and can be rubbed straight onto the skin in its purest form. First discovered by the Egyptians as early as 4000 BC, Aloe Vera was widely used by the Pharaohs, calling it the “plant of immortality.”

Fast forward to 2019 and pure Aloe Vera gel is still highly regarded when it comes to natural skin care, symptom relief and healing.

So if you are looking to make the move to an organic skin care range for your body, it is essential to make sure the products you use are inclusive of the wonder plant Aloe Vera and in it's purest form.

So how do we check that your Aloe Vera is pure?

Many skin care products we see on the shelf claim to include Aloe Vera, however, what they often fail to mention just how much of it is Aloe Vera and how much is just goo.

Here are our top tips to know your Aloe Vera!

  1. It is all in the labelling

We have heard it so many times, but quite often a bit of fancy, and tricky, the wording on the label means products can imply they include something – which they do not.

It is essential to look for the wording “99% Aloe Vera gel” on the label instead of “100% gel Aloe Vera.” The second option claims all gel, but fails to specify what ingredients are actually in that gel - and are most likely not using pure Aloe Vera in the product.

Also, it is important to note; it is impossible to have 100% Aloe Vera in any product unless you squeeze it directly from the plant itself and that's going to be messy and won't last long!

  1. When water is not wanted

Often products listing water first in the list of ingredients means the product contains majority water, then everything else follows. Not great if you are paying for a product containing pure Aloe Vera.

We recommend checking the ingredient list before buying any skin care product and make sure Aloe Vera is the number one ingredient – and not a watered down inclusion. If water is at the top - it may be time for a change.

  1. No alcohol with that

Is alcohol listed as an ingredient? Quite often products include alcohol to give its users the soothing sensation that pure Aloe Vera gives when using it on your skin. However, instead of soothing your skin, the alcohol has the reverse effect and dries your skin out.

So make sure to check the ingredients list on the back of your skin care range to make sure that alcohol is not featured - and go for an organically proven range of moisturising products like what we offer at Natralus instead.

  1. Colour me green

The colour of your skin care product is often a dead giveaway to how pure the Aloe Vera gel is – so if you open the lid to reveal a vibrant green gel you may have a problem.

Aloe Vera gel is a pale golden colour, so any product that is a brightish green and promoting all-natural Aloe Vera gel is not to be trusted. The green colour is made artificially.

The Aloe Vera range at Natralus

When it comes to organically certified, naturally sourced and chemically free products for your skin, Natralus has the range you need to keep you and your family covered.

Our range of moisturisers are not only cruelty-free, meaning no testing on any animals at any time - but also include pure Aloe Vera gel, along with the added benefits of vitamin E and paw paw to ensure your body enjoys the relieving and soothing feeling after every use.

All our moisturisers are Aloe Vera based not water based to ensure you experience the added benefit of hydration

Are you looking for a pure Aloe Vera gel, spray or moisturiser? Our Soothing Skin Relief Hydrating Gel is 99% pure certified organic Aloe Vera ensuring maximum rehydration and rejuvenation of your skin. Alternatively, you can try our Intensive Skin Therapy super light-weight Moistuiriser. With Aloe Vera, the hero ingredient, and boosted with Organic Papaya and Vitamin E for extra healing benefit, the Natralus range will provide you with instant soothing and relief on dry, sensitive skin.

At Natralus we believe in all-natural, effective health and beauty products; free from petroleum, parabens, chemicals and animal testing. Using ingredients sourced from farms around the country, our mission is to provide high-quality Australian skin care that you can full heartedly trust for yourself and your loved ones. The Natralus Natural Touch Promise: If our products don’t meet these standards, we’ll give you your money back.