Natural baby eczema cream and treatments

Natural baby eczema cream and treatments

Our skin is durable. If you think about everything it has to endure nearly every second of every day, it is rather amazing. Imagine, being your skin, just for a moment. Grating against you would be fabrics. Pressed upon you would be weights and textures. You would constantly be trying to acclimate to the weather conditions like heat and cold or dryness.

We rarely go in depth when considering how we care for our skin but maybe we should - especially with our babies. They have been in an auto temperature adjusted, soft and undisturbed state for nine months... now imagine being thrust into the image above!

Real Skin Issues

As we get older and as we become adults, our skin builds a tolerance and adds tougher epidermal layers. The typical day in, day out wear and tear our skin endures should prompt us to take care of it. However, these aren't grave issues.

If you encounter eczema, then your skin issues become considerably more serious. So, if your children have to deal with eczema, we are no longer talking about your typical everyday type of skin care. These are real skin issues.

Eczema and Children

The National Eczema Association (NEA) describes eczema as a condition that will "cause the skin to become red, itchy and inflamed." There are varying types of eczema; some that cause virtually no discomfort, to atopic dermatitis (aka "infant eczema") which can make your infant very uncomfortable.

According to the NEA, there are five types of eczema that are most likely to be developed by children and infants:

  • Atopic dermatitis
    • Contact dermatitis
    • Dyshidrotic eczema
    • Seborrheic dermatitis (aka "cradle cap")

    Although we know a good deal about eczema, we don't know the exact cause of why or, how this awful condition came to be. Fortunately, there are things we do know. For example, the combination of environmental factors in collusion with our genetics are eczema triggers.

    We have learned over the years of research, the most effective ways to treat eczema when it flares up. Parents should know that even if they have eczema themselves, it won't have the same appearance in infants as it does in adults. It will also act differently, and the location of this condition changes as they grow. Your paediatrician is well-versed in these skin conditions and will help you to know what to look for and where to look as they grow older.

    Our roles as caregivers, guardians and parents is to do everything that we can to help our children by easing their discomfort. With the proper skin care, helping to reduce the number of flare-ups and protecting our babies new skin is possible.

Treating Baby Eczema

Here is the bad news - there is no cure for eczema. The good news, though, is that we can relieve symptoms, reduce the number of flare-ups and keep our baby healthy. Sometimes, overzealous parents will hear the words "baby eczema cream" and run right out to grab the first cream or lotion they can reach. That could be a bad idea.

Yes, the right baby eczema cream will work but most won't, and some can make the situation worse. This is a list of some common eczema "triggers" or conditions that can irritate your baby's eczema:

• Dry skin
• Irritants
• Heat and sweating
• Infection
• Allergens such as pet dander, pollen or dust

Now, this is why a safe, effective cream for your baby is important. Every reason on that list can be helped or nearly eliminated with the best products. The right baby eczema cream will have everything your child needs to keep their skin hydrated and nothing they don't. Dr Richard Caplan, professor emeritus of dermatology said in an article discussing the treatment of eczema that...

"He also stresses the importance of keeping the skin lubricated with creams or lotions."

Your baby needs every benefit the best products can offer; it is a vital aspect of helping them to find relief and avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Avoiding Chemicals

Once your baby's eczema is diagnosed, you don't need anyone to tell you that their skin is sensitive. You were also pretty certain that you were going to need some safe and likely "all natural" products too. The paediatrician will remind you about using a quality moisturiser, especially after baths as well. So this should be pretty simple, right?

It isn't.

The biggest problem with so many of the products labelled "all natural" isn't that they only have small or trace amounts of those ingredients. The problem is that they have an abundance of chemicals instead. How do you think formaldehyde or diethyl phthalates (commonly found in products like body wash and lotions), would affect your baby's skin or eczema condition? We don't know either, but we also don't want to find out.

Avoiding these chemicals will mean finding the types of products made by Natralus. In addition to our natural and organic products that are what we say they are, we also have a product line designed for your youngest family members.

The Difference Is In Natralus

A product can only be as good as its ingredients. Natralus uses twice the amount of 100% natural Australian-sourced paw paw. Our My Little One Range is certified organic, delivering safe, effective and organic baby skincare options. That "certified organic" label, if you weren't aware, is the one label consumers can trust. No business receives this distinction without considerable expense and rigorous processing.

Natralus doesn't stop there, however, because it isn't enough to only have the highest quality ingredients. Natralus, with our in-house production team, create the most effective products and oversee every step of the process.

These ingredients and the Natralus process are nowhere more evident than in their My Little One Range product line. The top reasons to use baby eczema cream begin with Natralus...

Gentle Cleanse Shampoo & Body Wash

If you recall earlier, applying lotion after a bath was suggested. This soap-free shampoo and body wash will be gentle with your baby's skin while not adding any harmful chemicals.

Loving Care Nourishing Skin Lotion

The silky smooth lotion will soothe and moisturise your child's delicate skin and keep their skin hydrated.

Relaxing Touch Massage Oil

This safe, natural product delivers a skin-softening formula with organic oils to relax and soothe your little one. Ideally, this could be the perfect product for any of those dry patches.

Make it Better Soothing Repair Balm

Just because your baby has eczema, it doesn't mean they aren't going to encounter a scratch or some other skin-related accident. With them also having eczema and sensitive skin, this repair balm makes good safe sense, and your baby will think so too.

The Best Way to Care for Your Baby's Eczema

While the most severe cases of infant eczema may require some prescription-level treatment, the goal at home never changes. If there is one message that comes across from this read, it is this: keep your baby's skin hydrated. It's the best way to minimise flare-ups, it soothes and promotes healing and simply makes eczema more tolerable. That adorable little one deserves that.

This is why finding, getting and using the best lotion is so vital to the comfort and peace of your baby - not to mention for yourself. Those "organic" labels aren't always the easiest to find, as mass marketing leading brands inundate many shelves. Nonetheless, they are there.

Another goal for parents who have children with eczema is to avoid anything that could exacerbate their condition. That is why those products in the Natralus line were created, for those with sensitive skin. Ease the pain of an abrasion, clean and wash your toddler without concern and keep their skin hydrated - the Natralus way.

Naturally Better

Most of us aren't at all surprised that the best remedies are the natural ones. Aren't they always the safest and most effective when they are a viable option? So we shouldn't be surprised that the best way to care for the sensitive skin of our babies & eczema sufferers is with natural and organic products.

Your baby's skin is new to the world and being introduced to eczema wasn't exactly included in your dream plan for their earliest years. Minimizing their discomfort and allowing them to laugh and play and experience this new world just like every other baby will happen. The right products will help.

This is only one of many steps that parents will take to help their infants and toddlers learn how to live with eczema. Natralus want to help you do just that, naturally.