Why it's important to use Natural skincare products

Why it's important to use Natural skincare products

The surging demand for natural skincare products is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Consumers are now becoming far more health-conscious & gravitating toward all-natural skincare brands.

Below is a look at the factors contributing to natural skincare's popularity. As well as a look at some of the top natural skin care products on the market.

Why are more consumers seeking natural skin care products?

Health-conscious consumers are using natural skincare products to treat a variety of condition. These include dry skin, eczema and minor burns.

Consumers are using natural skincare products to reject products with harmful chemicals.

After applying such products, the ingredients do not merely remain on top of your skin. They are absorbed by the skin where they infiltrate your blood and lymphatic system.

Products with natural ingredients are effective in protecting your skin from harmful chemicals.

What are some of the chemicals used in synthetic skincare products?

Consumers mistakenly assume that a product must be safe for use if it is available for purchase. However, many skincare products contain harmful ingredients. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics highlights the following agents as chemicals of concern:

• Petrolatum, which is sometimes used in moisturisers

• Ethanolamine, which is commonly found in synthetic skin and hair care products

• Benzophenone, which is sometimes used in sunscreens

• Placental extracts, which are found in many synthetic anti aging creams

• Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), a food preservative that is used to manufacture lotions

• Polyethene glycol (PEGs), which are found in face creams and moisturisers

• Parabens and phthalates, which are prevalent in moisturisers, creams, and cosmetics

Additionally, many synthetic skincare products contain fragrances. Which could feature any of 3,000 ingredients that are not listed on the product's list of ingredients. Fragrances used in skincare products also may emit volatile air-quality impacting compounds.

What are the risks of using skincare products that contain chemicals?

Synthetic products contain a host of chemicals that are associated with health disorders. Parabens and phthalates are categorised as endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruption is tied to diabetes and obesity. The same chemicals have been linked to cancer and severe allergic reactions.

Parabens have also been linked to breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. This has spurred women to avoid products that contain harmful agents.

Consumers who use chemical products are also at risk for a host of more common skincare maladies. Such as allergic reactions, dermatitis, and skin irritation. Use of these products is associated with premature aging and UV skin sensitivity.

What are some of the best natural skincare products on the market?

The selection of products is growing more extensive by the day. However, not all products are created equal.

Just because products have natural ingredients doesn't mean they're good for your skin. The best products are made by a company who provides safe & soothing products for your family.

Natralus is that company. Below are seven of their top natural skin care products available.

1) Natural Gentle Wash
The cornerstone of an all natural routine is a natural, chemical-free skin wash. This is specially formulated with ingredients such as aloe vera & sunflower oil. It is designed to cleanse your skin and relieve irritation. Natural Gentle Wash effectively treats skin problems such as rosacea, pimples, and eczema. Natural Gentle Wash will not strip your skin of its natural oils.

2) Natralus Gentle Moisturiser
A natural moisturiser is recommended to help the skin remain hydrated and healthy. Natralus Gentle Moisturiser is an ideal choice. It offers long-lasting nourishment for the entire body. It's also fragrance-free and offers effective relief for dermatitis, eczema, and rosacea. Known for its smooth composition, it helps irritated skin feel soft and supple.

3) Ultra Skin Repair Gels & Spray
When you need relief from damaged skin, the Ultra Skin Repair Line soothes and revitalises quickly. The primary ingredients in the Ultra Skin Repair Gels and Spray are Paw Paw, vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. These ingredients combine for 99% of the Ultra Skin Care Repair Gels and Spray. It's no surprise the line is known for its fast absorption and rehydration properties.

4) Hand & Skin Shield
Natralus' Hand & Skin Shield treatments visibly improve the condition of dry, cracked hands. It prevents harmful irritants from penetrating the hands for up to four hours. It is ideal for people who do prolonged dishwashing, food preparation, or outdoor work.

5) SuperVitals Range
Natralus' SuperVitals range of products offers a host of advantages to users. The range features natural ingredients such as vitamin C & ellagic acid. The key benefits include the following:

• Formulated for use with all skin types, including sensitive skin

• Naturally derived from extracts and free of parabens, petroleum, and fragrances

• Conveniently packaged in a 75g hand cream tube and a 200g face and body cream tube

• Moisturising effects last for 8 or more hours

6) Intensive Skin Therapy Moisturising Lotion
Stands out from most moisturisers because its main ingredient isn't water. Instead, vitamin E and Paw Paw account for most of the ingredients in this moisturiser. It's also formulated with Shea Butter and Chamomile to promote hydration and softness.

7) Essential Paw Paw Ointment and Lip Balm
Well known for their smooth texture and ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. A versatile ointment, it treats skin conditions like rashes, bites and minor burns. Natralus' Paw Paw ointment and lip balm are also available in convenient travel sizes. This makes it easy for you to provide soothing relief to your skin regardless of your location.

The Bottom Line
As consumer demand increases, the global natural skincare market will continue to grow. We've responded to these demands through our dedication to an effective line of natural skincare products.

Choosing Natralus for your skincare needs is the safest path. The products above are a sampling of our array of natural products. We look forward to continuing to take care of all of your natural skincare needs!