organic skincare tips for mature skin

organic skincare tips for mature skin

If your skin in the full blush of youth is a slightly fading memory, then it's good to know that the benefits of organic skin care can become both valuable and helpful in your later years. In fact, you might say that anyone's skin needs a little more assistance as the years pass.

Appreciating the needs of more mature skin

It's useful to understand the changes that happen to your skin as you grow slowly older. You might notice any of the following:

+ Your skin might appear dryer than it used to be; and might also be rougher to the touch than it once was.

+ Those tiny wrinkles and laughter lines are deeper and slightly easier to spot than when they initially appeared.

+ You might not notice a less obvious characteristic of older skin. It begins to lose volume and become thinner. One estimate suggests that it decreases by around 6% for each passing decade.

Key causes, and other factors, leading to such skin changes

Of course, like many other parts of the body, it's totally expected for such changes to occur. There are a couple of obvious results of such ageing. Firstly, as your skin ages, it loses some of its firmness, and tends to both sag and slacken slightly. Added to this, is the loss of some of its elasticity. You are likely to notice that it becomes less supple than in its earlier years.

However, there are also other factors, covering considerations such as environment, climate and lifestyle which can have negative effects on the condition of more senior skin. In our often harsh climate, the real danger of exposure to the sun is a given. There can be few Australians who are not fully aware of its potential for serious harm. Then you can add the increasing number of pollutants that seem to be around nowadays (or have been around for a while but are having more attention paid to them). Health and lifestyle issue also add to the problem. This might be even more of a factor in recent times with the levels of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions, that might result from the current pandemic crisis.

Taking effective action to care for older skin

Particularly if your skin is aged sixty or over (no matter how youthful the rest of you might feel), there are some actions you can take to keep it in the best possible condition:

+ Stimulate the natural creation of elastin fibres, as these help restore the supple feel while helping to lessen the effect of those wrinkles.

+ Even out pigmentation and skin tone, helping also to diminish the effect of dark or white skin spots.

+ To keep the skin as plump as possible, and improve its elasticity, reduce sagging and firming the tissues, it's good to stimulate natural collagen production.

+ Keep your skin actively hydrated and well-nourished. Restoring what's termed the hydrolipidic film is vital. This is the light protective covering for your skin. It is usually a combination of water and perspiration, sebum and lipids - and helps to protect your skin from harmful bacteria.

Developing a natural skin care routine to help protect older skin

Using natural and organic skin care products, like those we carefully source from many of Australia's finest organic farms, is a real positive; given their affinity to your skin. A range of active ingredients, such as vitamins, trace elements, floral water and botanical oils are effectively absorbed and interact in positive ways with your skin.

But how best to use them?

Developing a routine, as for much else in life, is a sensible course of action and helps to keep your skin in as good a condition as possible. So, here are some positive steps to build into this routine:

+ Always cleanse. After a tough day, or perhaps a late night, it can be easy to give your skin only the briefest of treatments. Yet it pays to spend time, each morning and especially in the evening, using a gentle organic facial cleanser for both your face and neck. As well as leaving it better oxygenated, it helps it to be more receptive for other natural products that you might apply.

+ Gently exfoliate - in the glory of youth, your skin would have renewed itself each month or so. Sadly, as with much else, as years pass this process gradually slows. A key word in the process is 'gently' which is why organic skin care products are a terrific choice. It's best to use a face scrub infrequently, perhaps every ten days or so. Daily, choose an exfoliating sponge for a nice and gentle stimulation.

+ Thoroughly hydrate - this process is essential to keep your skin in good balance. Exfoliation helps to improve the texture of your skin, a moisturising face mask adds the vital hydration your skin so needs.

+ Add nourishment - this helps retain moisture in your skin, preventing evaporation which is so important in our climate, and helps defend your skin against those elements so eager to attack it.

Two final areas to give lots of attention

Around both your eyes and lips, your skin is both more fragile and finer This is, even more, the case as the years progress. Keep your lips hydrated, soft and supple; aim to soften those lines around your eyes.

Final thoughts

The legendary Coco Chanel once said that 'Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty'. Even beyond that, taking the time to perform a careful, natural, daily skincare routine will help you merit and be proud of the skin you present to the world in the decades beyond that age.

Actress Emma Thompson also suggested that 'The trick is to age honestly and gracefully and make it look great, so that everyone looks forward to it'. Our committed team, here at Natralus Australia, believe that developing your effective and natural skin care routine, will help put her thoughts into practice!