Why NATURAL skincare is on trend

Why NATURAL skincare is on trend

Natural skin care has been around for hundreds of years! Despite synthetic compounds still playing a role in many beauty products, a growing number of consumers are turning to organic skin care ranges to cleanse, moisturise and protect their skin and that of their family. We believe that natural skin care is likely to become an increasingly desirable option as time goes on. Read on for an update on why everything from scientific research through to changes in attitude due to the Covid-19 pandemic is prompting more and more people to make a conscious effort to opt for planet-friendly beauty and skincare products.

Seeing what happens when we give nature a chance

One of the best things to happen as a result of the lockdown regulations imposed across many countries due to Covid-19 is that pollution levels have plummeted. From cities enjoying lower air pollution levels than they have in decades through to cleaner rivers and fresher streets, restricting transport and the waste production which is an inevitable part of industrial production has had a positive effect on the environment. This, in turn, has seen a direct improvement in the conditions needed for wildlife to thrive. As people see for themselves the difference adopting greener lifestyles has made, many won't want to go back to their pre-Covid-19 ways. This includes shopping habits, with natural, organic products from sustainable sources becoming the preferred choice for ethical individuals.

Family matters

Another byproduct of lock down has been the realisation among individuals that family matters! Not being able to see grandparents, or being apart from treasured relatives, has caused people to reassess their values, with the need to nurture and protect those dear to them at the heart of what they do. This is reflected in shopping trends, with figures showing that people are spending less on frivolous items, and more on things which will protect and assist those close to them. Natural skincare products are a great way to protect delicate skin from the damage which wind, sun, rain and pollution can cause, as well as being safe for nearly all skin types. Our range of natural skincare products is free from: parabens; petroleum; and chemicals. They are not tested on animals. For customers who want to pare back their lifestyle in order to concentrate on what matters, organic skincare works well.

Supporting local businesses

We all know somebody who's facing a tough economic future due to the effects of Covid-19. For many businesses, the lockdown has meant they have had to cease trading altogether. Others have been able to continue in a modified form, but have found that customer demand has dropped and they are struggling to make enough profit to survive. As we ease out of lockdown, doing our bit to keep Australian businesses alive has never been more important. We source as many of our ingredients as possible from small, ethical, Australian enterprises. Many of the organic compounds and essential oils used in our washes, balms, moisturisers and cleansers have been obtained from Australian producers. By buying natural skincare products from us, you are enabling us to keep ordering from them, helping to keep ethical business alive during this particularly challenging economic period.

Fresh research continues to show the healing power of plants!

Nature is a wonderful thing, and just how wonderful continues to be revealed as scientists complete more research on the complex compounds that make up plants. In particular, plants which have been used traditionally as aids to skin healing and rejuvenation are increasingly being analysed and found to contain compounds that have a demonstrable physiological effect. What this means is that there is almost limitless potential for fresh, natural skincare ingredients to be discovered that really do make a difference to skin health. These new discoveries are of particular value for people with problem skin: many individuals who struggle with acne, breakouts, eczema, dry skin, blemishes or wrinkles can now access plant-based skincare that has the proven capacity to treat these painful symptoms. With literally millions of plant species that still require analysis in order to unwrap their healing benefits, the potential for effective skincare products is almost infinite.

Plants products: the sustainable option

Not only are petroleum-based ingredients frequently too harsh for delicate skins (particular those of babies and children), petroleum is a finite resource. With many natural resources at a critical level, it's vital to move towards using more sustainable alternatives. Plant-based resources are, in most cases, a sustainable option. Bio-fuels, for example, are increasingly being used as an environmentally responsible choice. Another natural material, bamboo, is being utilised for everything from fabric to furniture. Not only can plant-based materials be replaced (simply by responsible sourcing, or by planting more), they are also organic. This means that when no longer needed, they will simply decompose. Given that we face growing problems in disposing of synthetic waste which can't be recycled, plant-based products are set to be a key part of future production in many different sectors. Organic skincare is at the vanguard of a plant-based revolution! By choosing natural, sustainable skincare, customers are committing to a kinder, more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

We are an ethical, responsible supplier of organic skincare products that's committed to providing our customers with the sort of skincare products we'd be happy to use ourselves. Whether you feel that it's time to re-evaluate your lifestyle and opt for more sustainable, eco-friendly choices, or simply want to enjoy top-quality, effective skincare products which are also kind to skin and to the planet, our range is right for you. All our products are made with organic ingredients, many sourced locally. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, we have something suitable for every member of the family.

Our team is here to help you make the organic skin care choices that are right for you. If you need any help with product selection or have any questions about us, our ingredients or our range, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.