Papaya benefits for the skin

Papaya Benefits - Would you be surprised to discover that Papaya has an almost exhaustive list of benefits for the skin? Many people might be. Those Papaya skin benefits are the big reason why Natralus incorporates this near-magical fruit into their Australian-based natural and organic products.

If you are thinking that magical is an exaggeration, were you aware that the renowned explorer Christopher Columbus had reportedly called Papaya, "The Fruit of the Angels?"

This "angelic" fruit offers benefits to the skin that include healing, restorative and protective qualities along with an amazingly wide range of uses to take advantage of those benefits. Here is what you should know about the Papaya:

Acne Treatment

Often associated as a troublesome issue for the young, yet even adults can deal with acne problems. From the discomfort of acne to scarring, acne is unwanted and unsightly. Uneven pigmentation is also treatable with Papaya. Containing beta-carotene, phytochemicals and natural enzymes Papaya will work to even and lighten skin. The enzyme papain is the power behind the Papaya skin benefits, this enzyme will help exfoliate and dissolve inactive proteins. This will result in reducing or eliminating the acne struggle.

Wrinkle Defence

An issue not associated so frequently with youth but almost always reserved for adults and those of us who are more mature is wrinkles. Papaya is an effective treatment for wrinkle reduction and removal as well. The active enzymes help to remove dead skin cells, moisturising the skin leaving it smoother and younger looking. It is also beneficial in fighting age spots.

Skin Relief and Disease Protection

Historically Papaya has been used to heal burns and scars in addition to being used in efforts to fight against skin disease. Actually drinking Papaya milk can promote the body's defence against skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. As a more common topical treatment, it can be applied to the skin to aid in itch relief and to reduce redness from skin irritations.

Lip Care

Chapping and dry or cracked lips are not only unpleasant, they can simply hurt. Protecting, moisturising and caring for your most delicate skin is important. Papaya offers your lips the natural healing properties they crave and the moisture they need.

The truth is, your lips might require some extra attention but protecting your skin in general can be a big job.

Many Enemies

Did you know that, "...Skin is our largest and most sensitive organ?" So it shouldn't be a surprise that it is vulnerable to so many enemies. The elements we live in can create havoc for any skin type, from extreme heat to dry or freezing conditions and everything in between. Natural enemies also live and breathe in typical parasite fashion, often making our skin a prey. Bites, stings and other insect irritations can require relief and your skin will welcome the healing and comfort of Papaya.

The unnatural enemies to our protective barrier could include anything from abrasions and scratches to burns or bruises. Bringing relief and healing to our skin is a lifelong responsibility, doing it in a way that is rooted in the natural and organic is smart.

Nature's Gift

The famous explorer Columbus called this the fruit of the angels, true or not, we know for certain it is a natural, safe and effective way to care for our skin. The only real problem we find in the market today is finding products that have kept the bad out and the kept the natural within.

One recent New York Times article discussing the matter of natural and organic care products pointed out that, natural and organic products lose their worth if they aren't kept natural. A source from that story, using organic potatoes as an example, said it this way:

"I don’t assume that organic automatically means good for you...I mean, if you fry an organic potato, it’s still a French fry."

That applies to any natural and organic product, once it is mixed with chemicals and additives (in this case a ton of grease), those natural healthy products lose their value. The story went on to say, "Organic connoisseurs have long made a practice of reading food labels... ." This is the only way to determine the value of those natural and organic products. This is also the way to ensure that you are really getting the Papaya skin benefits you expect.

Your Skin Will Notice

Don't get fooled into thinking that all Papaya products are the same. The benefit of Papaya for the body, our health and for our skin is undeniable — provided it is done right. That means using companies producing natural and organic, healthy and effective products in order to get the best Papaya skin benefits.

If you have ever experienced a severe sunburn or had the unrelenting itch of dry skin leaving you feeling miserable, then you know the value of quality. Your skin will notice and feel the relief and healing of this amazing fruit when the base is kept natural and organic.

Is the Papaya Really Magical?

There have been some grand accolades thrown the way of the Papaya during this conversation. We have referenced angels and magic in its description, so why all the noise?

It is a fair question, because despite the many benefits it offers to the skin and lips, not to mention baby care products for sensitive skin, those are some hefty words of praise. Perhaps it is partly because the benefits of the Papaya go so far beyond even the many benefits for the skin.

Some of those other areas of our health the papaya benefits include:

  • Aids in Lowering cholesterol
  • Helps to promote weight loss
  • Boosts and strengthens your immunity
  • Good for diabetics
  • Great for your eyesight
  • Fights against the onset of arthritis
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps ease menstrual pain
  • Prevents premature ageing and signs of ageing
  • Shown in studies to have potential benefits in preventing cancer
  • Helps to reduce stress

This list, courtesy of a health and nutrition article from MSN, is among many that proclaim the power of the Papaya. The uses, benefits and effectiveness of the Papaya is no secret to those in the world of health and nutrition.

Papaya and Your Skin

For the protection of your skin and lips, Papaya is a safe, natural and effective choice. It will defend against drying winds and keep your skin and lips moist in every season.

For the healing of your skin and lips, when the damage has already been done, Papaya is still that same safe, natural and effective choice in caring for yourself.

For the benefits cosmetically, the restorative and protective qualities and health-giving properties afforded your skin, Papaya is the right choice.

Natralus not only offers one natural and organic, effective product, they produce a variety of options to take care of your skin, whatever it needs. From lip balms to skin lotions and hand creams to sensitive skin care products, there is a Papaya-based product designed to help.

Papaya and You

We owe it to ourselves to take care of our health and our bodies, that includes our skin. With sources like the Papaya, we can. It is a safe way to bring soothing and healing, an effective remedy for dry or chapped skin and just a great way to care for and pamper yourself — all from one amazing fruit we call the Papaya.