The benefits of using a Natural and Organic Shampoo

Natural and Organic Shampoo Australia Reviews - When you select shampoo or body wash, and a wide range of other personal care products for your family.

You want to be sure that you're getting the best possible solution for their needs. Getting clean is important. As is controlling the chemicals and other products that you put on sensitive skin. Especially when it comes to your little one. The Natralus My Little One line contains a range of natural and organic products to take care of your little one's needs. Including a natural and organic shampoo that will leave you feeling great about what you're putting on your little one's delicate skin. Before you buy another bottle of shampoo, look at these benefits of using natural and organic shampoo.

Quality Ingredients

Opting for natural and organic products like the My Little One range, you know you will get quality ingredients. Formulated to avoid harmful ingredients. That has the potential to irritate delicate skin or lead to future skin problems. Natural and organic products can also help with dry skin, dandruff, and other common issues. You get the same lovely clean, as dirt and dander are gently lifted away from the hair. All without the harsh chemicals that often cause dry skin or other issues.

What Does Shampoo Do to Your Hair?

When you shampoo your little one's hair, you aren't only washing away the day's accumulated dirt and grime. You're also stripping the hair of much of its natural moisture. And even changing the pH balance of your hair and skin. In some cases, this can lead to dry, brittle hair, dandruff, dry skin, and a wide range of other potential concerns. Many parents opt to help battle this fear by not bathing baby daily. Avoiding bathing is not always an option as little ones get older, they're more likely to dive in and get messy!. Using natural and organic products like the ones in the My Little One line reduce the potential impact of regular shampooing. It's important to choose a natural and organic shampoo formulated according to the needs of your hair. Just like your former chemical-laden products. Natural and organic products should be selected according to the formula. And intended for your hair's specific characteristics. For children, that means the products in the Natralus My Little One range.

The Products You're Avoiding

When you choose a natural and organic shampoo, you're avoiding several chemicals. These chemicals are often in many mainstream products, including:

Sodium lauryl sulphate: This additive makes cleansing products foam. Unfortunately, it also causes skin irritation in high concentrations. For sensitive-skinned little ones, even the amount in standard products can be irritating. The long-term impacts of exposure to sodium lauryl sulphateare unknown.

Ammonium lauryl sulphate: Is a foaming agent often added to cleansing products like shampoo, body wash, and hand soap. Ammonium lauryl sulfate also helps reduce the surface tension of water. Making it easier for it to penetrate fabrics and hair. Products that contain ammonium lauryl sulfate can also cause drying and skin irritation.

Propylene glycol: Is a common ingredient in many shampoos and conditioners. Used to improve the texture of the product, and assist the hair follicles and scalp absorb the other components in the shampoo. Unfortunately, it also irritates eyes and skin. This is particularly problematic when you're dealing with a little one.

Parabens: Parabens are used as a preservative to prevent bacteria growing in your shampoo or cosmetics. But they come with some pretty severe consequences. Parabens are suspected endocrine disruptors. This means they could have some serious long-term effects on your little one. Including raising the risk of certain cancers.

Formaldehyde: Typically, there's not a lot of formaldehyde in your shampoo although even a little bit could be too much. This ingredient is known to cause substantial irritation to eyes and skin. As well as being a known carcinogen in animals. While it hasn't yet been linked to cancer in humans, it's better to avoid this ingredient as much as possible.

What you put on your baby's skin matters. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it absorbs a great deal of what's put on and in it (though, unfortunately, not those carrots your baby insisted on spitting out!). By opting for natural and organic shampoos like the Natralus My Little One line you can avoid these problematic ingredients. Providing your little one the safest start in life.

The Gentle Cleanse Shampoo & Body Wash won't expose your little one any to any of these irritating or harmful chemicals. Instead, you'll get a gentle clean that will leave your little one smelling and feeling great.

Helping the Environment

Putting harsh chemicals on your own body is bad enough. What happens, when you wash those chemicals off and send them down the drain? The impacts on the environment can be significant, particularly in large quantities. When you opt for natural and organic products like the Natralus My Little One line, you won't be putting those harsh chemicals into the environment. Instead, you'll wash away only natural ingredients that won't have an impact on the world around you.

The Benefits of Going Natural and Organic

These days, there's a natural and organic option for everything. In some cases, this isn't very different from purchasing the "regular" version of a product. In other cases, you'll find that "going natural and organic" has many benefits. Natural and organic shampoos might not solve every problem you've ever had with your hair. But they will offer several solutions that will keep hair soft, shiny, and beautiful.

You get an excellent clean without having to worry about harsh chemicals.

You get amazing ingredients that can help naturally add softness to your hair.

Natural and organic shampoos can help combat dryness, dandruff, and other common issues.

Natural and organic shampoos can help reduce scalp irritation. Especially in little ones who are more sensitive to the chemicals.

Natural and organic shampoos let your hair, and your little one's hair grow healthier and stronger. Instead of chemicals that can lead to weak or brittle hair, you'll get natural and organic ingredients designed to nourish.

There are no artificial colors or scents that can lead to adverse reactions in your little one.

You'll be less likely to struggle with eczema and other everyday skin irritations when you use natural and organic shampoos.

Natural and organic shampoos are less likely to irritate your little one's eyes. Helpful if a few suds slip down while they're in the bath.

In the My Little One range by Natralus, " natural and organic" is about more than a label. It's about providing gentle products that will be easy on your little one's sensitive skin. All while providing them with the clean they need. You'll love the light scents, smooth textures, and gentleness of the My Little One range. Try out our shampoo today to learn more about all the benefits of opting for natural and organic in your home. It's not only about going chemical free so that you can give your little one the best possible start in life. Although, that's certainly a significant benefit. It's about using products that provide the results you need.