Which skincare products are best for your baby?

Which skincare products are best for your baby?

Welcoming a new arrival is a joyous occasion, but for many parents, making the right decisions for a child as they make their journey through the early days can be an anxious process. With so many things in the world that may potentially cause harm, navigating the various products on the market to find ones which are gentle enough for a baby's soft skin can feel overwhelming. We understand that parents need baby skincare products they can trust, which is why we've developed a range specifically designed to gently cleanse and moisturise baby skin. Read on to discover what's necessary for healthy young skin and why natural skincare is almost always best.

Does a child's skin need cleansing or moisturising?

Babies are born with skin and hair that, in an ideal world, would need nothing more than a gentle wash with pure water in order to stay clean and fresh. Naturally pH and nutrient balanced, baby skin starts off in excellent condition. Unfortunately, babies aren't born into an ideal world: particles of toxic matter are everywhere - in the air and in the man-made compounds which are an inevitable part of the modern environment. Simple water just isn't enough to remove them all, particularly when they are oil based. For this reason, some form of gentle soap is vital in order to make sure that dirt and grime are carefully removed from the skin.

The same argument holds true for moisturising. Most babies are born with perfectly balanced, smooth skin. Exposure to temperature changes, air-conditioned interiors and pollution are all variables which can affect skin adversely, causing uncomfortable drying. Similarly, exposure to synthetic fibres or clothes which have been washed in a harsh washing powder may be enough to trigger eczema or irritated skin. In these circumstances, a gentle yet powerful moisturiser is important in order to help restore natural balance and reduce the discomfort which dry skin can cause.

Priorities for baby skincare

Obviously a key priority for any children's skincare product is that it is safe for a child's skin. Juvenile skin is very different to adult skin: with less resistance to harsh chemicals, it is essential that children's skincare compounds are free of any ingredients which are likely to cause an allergic reaction or which may be too strong for a child. It's not just about what's in a skincare product, it's also about what's not in it! Although not an exhaustive list, any skincare used on children should be free from: parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, petrolatum, artificial colours and preservatives. Although some of these compounds can be tolerated by adults in small quantities, they may be harmful to small children, causing a range of unpleasant side effects. When you buy children's skincare items from us, you can be confident they don't contain any of the unwanted compounds listed.

Organic, plant-based ingredients work best

Nature usually knows best when it comes to providing the gentle, nurturing and balancing compounds needed to carefully cleanse and restore baby's skin. Plant-based compounds aren't just usually safer, they are also frequently highly effective: often an individual plant will have dozens of compounds inside it which work together to create a cleansing or moisturising benefit. By using extracts from the complete plant, it's possible to transfer the complex chemistry which creates the desired effect into part of the finished product. This ensures optimal effectiveness without the need for synthetic alternatives. Not only are man-made compounds often less effective than plant-based extracts in creating a therapeutic effect, they are frequently far too brutal for use on children.

Organic ingredients offer pure performance

It's no use opting for a plant-based, all-natural product if the plant ingredients were grown using man-made pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. Chemical pesticides and herbicides in particular are extremely dangerous chemicals (they kill animals and plants). Almost inevitably, some of these chemicals end up inside the plant, often drawn up in solution by the roots, or transferred through the leaves. Washing the plant alone will not remove the chemicals which have been absorbed. In comparison, an organic plant is grown without the use of synthetic herbicides and pesticides. By using an organic ingredient, the risk of toxic residues ending up in the organic skincare products you buy is virtually eliminated. For this reason, an organic choice is almost always the best option when it comes to products for little ones.

Safety matters!

As a concerned parent, you'll want the reassurance that whatever you buy to use on your baby's skin is not only as safe as it possibly can be, but also formulated specifically for a child's skin, rather than an adult. Before purchasing a child's skincare product, look for evidence from the manufacturer that the product has been extensively tested to ensure it is as safe as it possibly can be: has it been designed for the needs of children? What assurances do you have that each ingredient has been carefully scrutinised to ensure it's suitable for use in a skincare product? Look for a manufacturer who has taken as much care to create a baby skincare range as you would if you were preparing it for your own child.

Our My Little One range could be right for your child

When we devised our My Little One range, we were looking for a skincare solution that was gentle enough to be used on irritated, dry skin, at the same time as being safe and effective. Each ingredient in our products has been rigorously checked to ensure that it is: natural, effective, safe and organic. The products have been approved by a qualified paediatrician and tested extensively to make sure that they do the job at the same time as being suitable for use on delicate skin. As an ethical company, we care about our customers and are committed to providing a range of products that really are suited to the needs of small children. If you want moisturisers, cleansers and soothers that will work in harmony with your child's body to repair dry or itchy skin, our organic skincare selection could be the answer.