Calendula - the time tested herb

Calendula - the time tested herb

With all its glory of a beautiful natural bloom, the calendula flower is rich with medicinal benefits. It derives its bright colour from flavonoids, which contains powerful healing and protective properties. Like most organic skin care products, this herb gently reduces various internal and external health issues. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant benefits of calendula have made it a time-tested herb for decades.

What is calendula?

Calendula belongs to the same species as marigolds, commonly known as pot marigolds. The calendula flower can be made into a gel, oil, or cream. It can be eaten in salads or stews, used for bathing or in facial steams, whipped into mouthwashes or toothpaste, or applied topically on the skin. Notably, this magical flower extract is gentle enough for the elderly and babies to use. For many decades, calendula has been used for medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic purposes.

How is it extracted?

Calendula grows in a warm climate and is best picked after the dew has evaporated at around midday. As soon as the flowers are picked, the plant begins to cultivate new ones that can be picked after three days. Steam distillation is used to extract oils from the dried herbs, which is thereafter used to prepare topical products like lotions and shampoos. The extract should be kept away from moisture and light and must be used within three years.

Properties of calendula

Powerful antioxidant

The plant-based antioxidants found in calendula protects the cells from pro-inflammatory compounds like cytokines and C-reactive proteins, and other free radical damage. The anti-oxidants found in the flower’s petals are in the form of flavonoids and carotenoids, which help to subside the effects of inflammatory diseases.

Antiviral and antimicrobial herb

The linoleic acid and oils present in the calendula herb give it its powerful antiviral and antimicrobial properties. It is highly effective in fighting pathogens, antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, and symptoms of candida.


Calendula based products are perfect for inflammatory issues like dermatitis, diaper rash, insect bites, and sunburns. Calendula has powerful flavonoids that give it strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains high concentrations of linoleic acid, which is anti-inflammatory.

Benefits of calendula

Wound healing

The flower heads contain oxygenated oils like sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes. They work by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply throughout the body to help regenerate new tissues. When applied to an infected or wounded area, it accelerates the healing process. It is effective in giving relief for internal ailments like gastric and duodenal ulcers, and external issues like haemorrhoids.

Muscle relaxation

The high concentration of powerful flavonoids in calendula aids with muscle relaxation. Its application can alleviate hot flashes and ease the painful side effects of menstruation. Calendula is also useful in relaxing and preventing muscle spasms, constipation, and abdominal cramps.

Healthy oral environment

Its strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties make it ideal for making toothpaste and mouthwashes. Calendula is astringent, to create a healthy oral environment. The anti-inflammatory aspects help to fight gum inflammation, plaque, cavities, and gingivitis.

Ease radiation inflammations

Calendula’s strong anti-inflammatory properties can fight the carcinogenic activities that generate into tumours. It eases irritation in patients receiving cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Additionally, this natural herb activates lymphocytes to fight foreign bodies that cause infections and diseases.


Signs of ageing are usually accelerated by free radicals in the body. Calendula-based products contain carotenoids that stimulate the production of collagen, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This improves the overall appearance of your skin to leave you looking firmer and hydrated.

Sun protection

Calendula has SPF properties that can protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. You don’t have to worry every time you forget to apply sunscreen because your calendula-based cream can act as a sunscreen.

Prevent acne

Certain bacteria in the skin’s pores can cause an acne outbreak. The antibacterial aspects of calendula keep pathogens away from your skin to protect you from major skin problems. This can guarantee you the flawless skin you have always wanted.

Cure skin infections

Fungal infection like ringworms and athlete’s foot can be cleared by calendula herbs because of its anti-fungal properties. It can successfully treat many other skin conditions since the herb is antiviral and antiseptic.

Good for all skin types

Calendula is gentle and safe to be used on all skin types. It can be used on sensitive areas under the eye to ease the appearance of crow’s feet. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, babies, teens, and elderly people. Calendula reduces the redness that comes with acne and soothes the skin after shaving, to prevent razor bumps.

Natural moisturiser

Dry skin can cause wrinkling and cracking, and affect one’s overall appearance. Calendula oils and creams are naturally formulated with hydrating and moisturizing properties. This helps the skin to maintain a healthy moisture balance, prevent dryness, and look supple and soft.

Why choose organic skin care for children?

Delicate, sensitive skin

Is your child prone to skin conditions like eczema? Calendula is gentle enough to protect, nurture, calm, and soothe delicate skin. Young skin requires protection from harsh environmental conditions and pathogens that can cause irritations. Calendula ointment is ideal in preventing nappy rash for children under three years.

Organic and chemical free

Natural skin care products are free from chemicals commonly used in skin products, for instance, synthetic fragrances, SLS, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, petrochemicals, and parabens. Calendula skin products ensure that your child is safe from skin irritations.

Natural SPF

While the kids enjoy good weather outside, calendula can offer them sun protection. It not only protects, but it also soothes and hydrates your children as they play in summer. In case they get bitten by insects, a soothing repair balm containing calendula will help ease the irritation and redness.

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