Why opt for plant based products?

A growing number of people are now choosing health and beauty products which contain plant-based ingredients. With concerns around the safety, ethics and even effectiveness of animal-based or synthetic ingredients, plant-based moisturisers, balms, sprays and soothers are a popular option. Here we take a look at what the benefits of using plant-based body and face care products might be. Could it be that plants can give us active ingredients which are actually superior to those found in other sources? At Natralus we are passionate about plant power and nature's healing energy, harnessing plants in order to bring you natural skin care that's gentle at the same time as being effective. Take a look at five reasons why we believe plant-based products are the best choice you can make for you and your family.

Have you heard of plant ingredient synergy?

Plants are incredibly complex organisms which contain a wealth of different chemical compounds. Each of these work in a slightly different way, enabling the plant to perform a specific process or function. These chemical compounds don't just work individually, they also work together, creating reactions which can only be achieved when two or more compounds interact. Known as working in synergy, the combination of compounds can create an effect which is much greater than that achieved by a single compound alone. When you use a plant extract in an organic skin care or beauty product, not one, but many compounds make it up. This means that the ingredient provides a beneficial effect due to the mixture of compounds it contains. Replicating this synthetically is extremely complex, as dozens of different compounds may be involved. Using a plant-based ingredient therefore allows a powerful combination of compounds to be added to the product in exactly the right amount needed to achieve an optimal effect. Nature will already have found the perfect compound combination!

Sustainability matters

We only have one planet and we believe that it's our duty to take care of it, ready for the next generation to enjoy. In contrast to other ingredients, plant-based ingredients are sustainable. With careful husbandry, plants can be replenished so that they continue to be a rich source of ingredients in the future. We ensure that the ingredients that we use are sourced from sustainable plant sources. We understand that over-farming, intensive cultivation and premature harvesting can, in time, have a negative impact not only on plant numbers but also on soil quality and even on the quality of the plant itself. For these reasons, we take the time to check that our suppliers share our values and are committed to providing plant ingredients that are grown and harvested in a sustainable manner. With care, it's possible to utilise the rich resources which plants have to offer, without jeopardising the future of the plant.

Allergic reactions to harsh chemicals

Aside from possible health risks associated with parabens and similar chemical ingredients (preservatives which are commonly found in a range of health and beauty products), some people report that using products which contain harsh chemicals results in dermatitis, dryness or itchy skin: exactly the symptoms that many moisturisers and balms are trying to alleviate! Obviously, each person is different and what irritates one individual is fine for use by someone else. That said, we feel that as a responsible provider of natural skin care products, it is our responsibility to ensure that every ingredient we use is as safe and widely tolerated as possible. We also understand that some of our customers are concerned about ingredients such as parabens; formaldehyde (commonly found in skincare products but also used for embalming!); triclosan; or oxybenzone. That's why you won't find any of these in our organic skincare range. We use natural ingredients which we research carefully, ensuring that our customers receive skincare which is effective at the same time as being as gentle, safe and natural as we can possibly make it.

Animals matter!

Caring for our planet means caring for everything on it, including animals. We know that there are natural alternatives to animal-based ingredients that perform as well, if not better, than the animal-based equivalents. Not only is the use of animal-based ingredients not as sustainable as opting for plant-based choices, but there is also an ethical dimension to our ingredient choice. We believe that compassion towards animals is important, which is why you won't find animal ingredients in any of our products. Whether you are adopting a plant-based lifestyle, or simply have decided that you wish to use products that are a more sustainable, planet-friendly choice, plant-based health and beauty is an obvious choice.

Taking things one step further with organic plant ingredients

It's common sense to assume that pesticides are not going to contain ingredients which are kind to humans: after all, pesticides are used to kill! Almost inevitably, plants grown using conventional pesticides and fertilisers end up with some of the chemicals present in them. Even washing won't remove chemicals which have been drawn into the heart of the plant through the roots. We want our ingredients to be as pure as possible, which is why we opt for organic ingredients in our product range. Grown and harvested without the use of man-made pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides, organic ingredients are a premium choice that offers a high level of purity. Grown using organic methods, we are confident that the plant ingredients in our organic skin care balms and gels are of impeccable provenance.

We are passionate about plants and the natural world, which is why our products are made from high-grade, plant-based ingredients which have been carefully blended to offer optimal effectiveness at the same time as being safe and widely tolerated. We are committed to ethical sourcing and ingredients, which is why you won't find harsh chemicals or animal-based ingredients in any of the products that we provide. Our values are based around compassion, care and the provision of the very best organic skincare products that we can create. With so many potential benefits, we believe that plants are the secret to rejuvenating skin care.