The essential skincare products for your entire body

The essential skincare products for your entire body

Have you ever walked into your local pharmacy, paced the isles of the thousands of skincare products, and wondered how much of this do you really need? Well, you are not alone.

The skincare market is flooded with endless amounts of options and variations, as well as the thousands of brands that sell them. Distinguishing between these choices can be tough, especially when you aren’t even sure what your body actually needs!

In this article, we have put together the essential skincare products for your entire body, the products that no skincare routine or collection can do without. With this list, we help you navigate what to look for in the perfect product, and how these products can be used on other parts of the body too!

A good face moisturiser

Our skin can easily become dehydrated throughout a normal day. There are many environmental factors that dry the skin out, such as exposure to climate-controlled air, dehydration in the body, and using the wrong products on your skin. An organic, natural moisturiser will help combat the harsh elements, returning moisture to the skin and restoring life into your appearance.

Moisturisers are extremely versatile, which is especially important if you have seasonal or transitional skin, in that your complexion changes depending on the time of year. Moisturisers are used to balance the oil level in oily and combination skin and help prevent the excess build-up that leads to acne and blackheads. Your face moisturiser can also be applied to the neck during the application process, and around the side of the head near the ears.

Despite the surge in popularity in serums in recent years, there is no replacing a hard-wearing, multi-use moisturiser in your routine. The lightweight formula of a specialty serum isn't enough on its own, especially if you wear makeup on a daily basis, or are exposed to the elements or climatic environments.

An overall body moisturiser

The skin on your face versus the skin on the rest of your body is very different; your facial skin is delicate and far more sensitive than the firmer, thicker skin everywhere else. Therefore, the products you use on your face aren’t suitable for the entire body, and body products are too harsh for your face.

However, just because they are different doesn’t mean they don’t experience the same reactions to environmental changes, resulting in cracked and flaky skin, and blemishes. A moisturiser developed especially for the body is essential, to either apply daily or as the need arises. While you may not love the feel of a cream-based moisturiser, there are alternatives such as body oils, gel-based lotions, and even sprays, and you can always use a combination of both.

Women, in particular, should opt for moisturising products that are paraben-free, as these chemicals have been linked to breast cancer and hormonal fluctuations. Also, if your area of concern is breaking down cellulite or detoxifying the skin, products with these pollutants will only work against your end goal.

A cleanser for your face and body

Just like your moisturiser, your face and body have different cleansing needs, and a harsh body cleanser, especially bar soap, is too harsh for the face’s delicate needs. Therefore you need a cleanser for the face and a separate cleanser for your body.

Picking a cleanser for your face should be based on your skin’s needs; if you have dry skin, opt for a cleanser that promotes hydration, rather than drying. Sensitive skin, the type that quickly becomes red or irritated, or skin that is prone to acne and clogging, should use products that address this.

Body cleansers generally come in fewer varieties, however, there are different types that promote hydration and detoxification. As long as you opt for products that are natural and organic, you can easily use a block of bar soap, gel or cream body wash, and you should achieve the same results.

Infants and children require different cleansers to adults, so it is best to accommodate them with specific youth skincare products. At a young age, the skin is very fragile and can be highly sensitive to the pollutants we mentioned earlier, therefore using products specifically for them is very important.

A face and body sunscreen

While this may seem obvious, sunscreen is one of the most important pieces of skincare you can own, especially in Australia. Though we all understand the risks of getting skin cancer from extreme sun exposure, damage caused by UV contributes to the aged appearance of the skin. The UV rays break down the collagen in the skin, causing lines and sagging across the face, as well as extreme discolouration and a thick, leather-look in the skin.

Sunscreen is available in many different applications; these include lightweight balms, gel formulas, and spray mists that don’t leave the skin feeling greasy or with an unpleasant slick. Apply the sunscreen to your body, face, and neck as often as possible, especially under makeup or skincare products that don’t contain SPF. We recommend starting your day with sunscreen and keeping it with you as you travel, reapplying as the product directs you to.

Hands and lips protection

Your hands are one of the most used parts of your body and are one of the most indicative parts of aging. The hands can become easily damaged, as well as the cuticles around the nails, and the thinner skin on the back of your hands. Hydrating hand cream is essential for your collection, as well as products like hand and skin shields that protect you from the irritants your hands come into contact with.

Just like your hands, your lips can become easily damaged from the food we eat and the products on our face. The skincare containing parabens and harsh chemicals can inadvertently come into contact with the lips, causing cuts, grazing and dry patches across the lips. Your lips need their own protection as well as a hydrating product, so invest in a petroleum-free balm or cream designed specifically for the lips.

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