Natural vs. synthetic skincare: why we prefer natural products and you should too!

Natural vs. synthetic skincare: why we prefer natural products and you should too!

We all want to live life as the best versions of ourselves; smooth, glowing and flawless skin, boundless energy and health in spades. It may come as no surprise that with this ever-growing interest in self-improvement, the list of ingredients in our favourite daily skincare products are under scrutiny and are being called into question.

Our future health and beauty largely depend on the skincare products we choose to use today; the choices we make in this very moment. Making small tweaks to your skincare routine may not seem like a life-changing decision, but the reality is that our future faces and bodies will be impacted by the skincare products we slather on them now. Is your daily skincare range full of chemicals and toxins that are potentially causing you harm?

We all have individual wants and needs when it comes to our skincare routines. After all, we may be plagued by the disheartening effects of dryness, oiliness, dullness, unwanted wrinkles, painful sensitivity or an uneven complexion. It is vital that we address these skincare issues both quickly and effectively, but when choosing lotions to combat the problem areas of our skin, we should consider the long-term effects of the products we love to wear.

At Natralus Australia, we believe that your personal choice between natural and synthetic products is an important one. As leaders in natural and organic skincare we believe in formulas that really work with your skin type, results that truly last, and using only the best natural ingredients in our skincare range. So here are a few reasons why we recommend our natural skincare range as a better alternative to synthetic counterparts.

Read on, your future self will thank you for it!

There is still much confusion about the differences between natural and synthetic skincare products. It is vital, however, that we understand these differences to get the best results from our skincare routine, to really care for our precious bodies and to ease our busy minds.

It is common knowledge that our skin absorbs almost 60 per cent of what we touch and apply directly onto it. Often these properties travel through your pores and into your bloodstream, invading your body. The culmination of chemicals in synthetic skincare products, unnatural cosmetics, artificial perfumes and household cleaners that come into contact with our skin expose us to about 200 potentially toxic chemicals at any given time. On average 168 chemicals each day come from the cosmetics and skincare products that many women use. This cocktail of chemicals may result in breakouts and rashes. Some of these harsh compounds may also negatively react with each other, resulting in chemical burns and skin irritations, affecting the vibrancy, youthfulness and well-being of your delicate skin. Sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? And these reactions are just the ones that we can see, but what about the negative reactions that are not clearly visible, such as inflammation and brain fog?

Synthetic skin care products often contain unnatural ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, fragrances, phthalates and synthetic colours. These ingredients are used to inhibit bacterial growth, create artificially appealing smells and colours, and increase the softness and flexibility of unnatural skincare products. These nasty chemicals and carcinogens, however, have been linked to unwanted disruptions in endocrine function, birth defects, and breast cancer. They can also strip away moisture that is essential for youthful, glowing and healthy skin, as well as causing eye damage.

The good news is we can improve our appearance and our self-esteem, all while being health-conscious by choosing natural skincare products over unnatural options.

Natural skincare products, like our gentle, effective and budget-friendly Natralus Australia skincare range, is caring for your skin using natural ingredients, such as herbs, roots and essential oils. These are all nourishing ingredients that are derived from organics found in nature. These products not only avoid the use of potentially toxic chemicals found in unnatural creams, which can be harmful to our bodies, but they may also give you peace of mind that you are working with your skin type and problem areas.

Applying synthetic skincare products without knowing about their potential side effects is taking a gamble with our well-being. These formulas may contain potentially toxic, harmful or even ineffective chemicals used just for the sake of an enticing artificial fragrance, a prolonged shelf life or for cheap mass production. Sadly, only a small percentage of chemicals found in these unnatural skincare ranges are verified as being safe for prolonged usage by you or your loved ones. Natural skincare products are also environmentally sustainable, which means that our favourite skincare essentials are not polluting our beautiful marine life, microorganisms and our precious oceans when washed down the drain during personal use.

Choosing a natural skincare range is gentler on your skin than the abrasive and unwanted chemicals popular to unnatural alternatives. Using natural products can avoid the unwanted build-up of free radicals in our bodies, which can be dangerous in large quantities. These natural skincare products may also help with skin sensitivities, and often work better with your skincare needs because of the botanicals and antioxidants used, commonly found in nature.

The Natralus Australia natural skincare range contains anti-inflammatories, protecting against sun damage, softening calloused skin, protecting against unwanted germs, and soothing and repairing chapped lips. These great results are achieved using pure ingredients, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, paw paw oil, coconut oil and aloe vera. Natralus Australia products are Australian made and owned, cruelty-free, naturally effective and dermatologically tested. Our natural skincare range is even paediatrician approved, with skincare products that are gentle enough to use on your little ones, helping to repair irritations and soothe the delicate skin of small children and infants. Our superb skincare range has gentle and effective natural products specifically designed to benefit your skin, and the skincare needs of those you love.