The must have baby essentials that every parent needs!

The must have baby essentials that every parent needs!

A few must have essentials to look after your precious little one.

Baby Wipes: At each nappy change its important to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Using Gentle wipes such as Tooshies by TOM Wipes which are fragrance free, fully biodegradable and compostable can help make this job quick and easy.

Nappies: A must have item. Our recommendation is tooshies by TOM sustainable nappies as they are soft and gentle on little bottoms and they are kind to the planet. Plus these nappies are made with naturally derived materials – wherever possible. Which is something we are passionate about.

Shampoo & Body Wash: Wash your baby’s skin with our My Little One Shampoo & Body wash it is a gentle soap-free formula for cleansing for hair and delicate skin. Also remember the daily use of soap is only necessary on the hands and the diaper area. The rest of your baby’s body can just be washed with water on most days, unless its particularly dirty.

Baby Nail clipper: Keeping your babies nails short is important for their safety. As infants can easily scratch and cut their delicate skin while waving their hands and feet.

Soft baby brush: A hair brush is Important to massage your baby’s scalp and avoid the cradle cap condition that is not so comfortable for your little one. They help to relax your baby’s scalp and increase circulation. We recommend Purebaby Goat Hair Brush, as its both soft and gentle on babies head.

Nappy Cream: Diaper rash is a massive concern for new parents. As your babies skin is delicate, their skin can be irritated easily. The skin includes a barrier that helps prevent the loss of too much moisture, and protects the skin from any harmful germs and irritants. However, appropriate cleansing and moisturising will help maintain your baby’s skin barrier and help prevent skin problems in the future. Use our My Little One Happy Bottom Nappy Barrier Cream to protect and prevent nasty irritations.

Baby massage: Touch is so important for the healthy development of babies. The more you hold, touch and massage your baby, the more they’ll thrive. Baby massage can also help your newborn sleep better, cry less, boost their overall health and help you bond with your little one. Our Relaxing Touch Massage Oil contains organic oils and skin softeners to help relax your little one. It's also great for Mum to use on stretch marks!

Make it Better Cream: You can’t prevent scratches, scrapes and insect bites that your little one may get. So a cream that help calm the irritated skin is a must. Our Make it Better Soothing Repair Balm is perfect for this and it can also help with mild rashes.