Why organic ingredients matter in your beauty products

With so many different skincare products on the market, working out which ingredients are going to be best for your skin and that of your family can be a challenge. One characteristic of many high-grade choices is that they include organic ingredients. Most people are aware that organic ingredients are grown without the use of man-made pesticides, fertilisers, growth regulators or additives. What may be less well known are the benefits of organic ingredients: why does the way in which they're grown make them "better" than plants which are grown using conventional methods? Because our company specialises in organic skin care, we thought it timely to remind people why organic ingredients are often the best choice when it comes to skin care for you and your family. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions people have about organic ingredients, as well as information on why they are such a great choice for natural skin care.

Are pesticides and fertilisers used on organic crops?

Although man-made pesticides and fertilisers aren't used on organic crops, natural alternatives are frequently utilised. Manure and compost, for example, are excellent natural fertilizers; mulching, crop rotation or weeding are used rather than chemical herbicides. If managed correctly, organic crops can deliver yields which are almost as high as those obtained using man-made chemicals.

Why are artificial, man-made fertilisers and pesticides problematic?

There are three main reasons why a growing number of people are turning to organic options for their food and beauty products: the effect of conventional chemicals on health; their impact on the environment; and the superior quality of organic crops.

Health issues

Studies show that plants grown using artificial pesticides and herbicides still have traces of these chemicals within them. Even thorough washing is insufficient to remove pesticides and other chemicals which have been absorbed through plant roots and leaves. These will have been distributed throughout the plant. Although concentrations are rarely high, the toxic nature of some of the chemicals used in conventional farming is such that few people want to run the risk of ingesting or absorbing them. One of the issues with many of the chemicals used in conventional farming is that it's not clear what the long-term effects of absorbing them might be: in some cases the chemicals aren't eliminated by the body, leading to a build-up over time. With some studies showing possible links between artificially made chemicals used in farming and a range of unpleasant conditions, a growing number of people are opting for organic products which provide a natural, man-made, and chemical-free alternative.

Environmental issues

There are several environmental problems associated with the widespread use of pesticides: not only do they affect the crop on which they're sprayed, rain washes the pesticides onto the ground, where they soak into the soil, to be transported with run-off into the drainage system. This means that over time large quantities of natural water are polluted with pesticides.

Pesticides can also adversely affect ecosystems: dead pests reduce the food supply for predators, causing a drop in numbers. Predators may also eat dead or dying pests, ingesting pesticides as they do so. This can, in turn, cause them to become ill or die. Pesticides may kill indiscriminately, slaughtering insects and bacteria which are potentially beneficial to the local habitat. Our range is all made with high-grade, plant-based, organic ingredients and created without cruelty.

Higher level of nutrients and active ingredients in organic crops

Research has show that organically grown plants may have a higher level of nutrients than those grown through conventional methods. They may also have higher levels of "active ingredients" - the compounds in a plant which are sought after for their nutritional or medical properties. When it comes to skin care, organic ingredients may have a more powerful therapeutic effect than those grown using agricultural chemicals. Organic ingredients may well give you "more bang for your buck"!

Are organic ingredients more effective?

As indicated above, some studies show that organically grown plants have greater levels of "active" ingredients, which means that gram for gram they will have a greater physiological effect than a conventionally grown alternative. Particularly when combined in order to have a synergic effect, organic ingredients can absolutely transform your skin care regime.

Are organic skin care products a more compassionate choice?

Ingredients which are produced organically have been nurtured using natural methods. Often a more labour intensive crop, organic farms are committed to working in a sustainable manner, working to protect local ecosystems, flora and fauna at the same time as growing plants successfully. In addition, products which are made using organic ingredients are also more likely not to have been tested on animals and to be suitable for vegetarians or those adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Organic skin care - the green yet effective option for all skin types

Organic skin care products are carefully formulated to deliver the benefits which users want at the same time as being kind to the planet. With an excellent safety record, research has shown that some organic compounds may have lasting positive benefits for the skin if applied regularly. Our products don't contain parabens or petrochemicals, ensuring that what you receive contains the natural goodness your skin and that of your family deserves. Aloe vera, papaya, coconut and blueberry are just some of the extracts which make it into our premium skin care range. Our goal is always to provide our customers with products which work at the same time as being ethical, compassionate consumer choices.

If want to live a planet-friendly lifestyle, incorporating more organic products into your life could be a great place to start. Our selection of skin care products includes something suitable for the whole family. Whether you need an anti-bacterial scrub to keep the germs at bay or a rich, healing hand cream, we have a suitable organic product to meet your needs. Ask us about our skin repair gels and organic super-vitals collection - bursting with goodness, these are gentle yet effective organic products which give you the results you want.