There's one thing that's at the forefront of everyone's minds, and that's the worldwide lockdown thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. This has meant weeks, if not months, of staying indoors to reduce the impact of the virus and help stop its spread. During this time, it's been easy to stay in pyjamas, forego makeup and reduce your product usage: after all, half the fun of looking after yourself is to look good out-and-about, so when the latter is removed, you might be wondering if it's worth keeping up with your day-to-day routines.

However, here at Natralus, we believe that skincare is one thing you should keep on top of more than ever during this time. A good skincare routine can make a huge difference to how you feel, even if you're stuck indoors, and it's easier to keep up with than you think. We've already looked at why your skin can change during lockdown, as well as how to address this issue, so let's look at why maintaining your skincare routine is also crucial.

Your skin doesn't have a day off!

Harsh weather, pollution and diet can all affect how good your skin is. Although some of these factors may well be reduced at this time, your skin is still your largest organ and works to shield you from all aspects of life, no matter what it comes up against. With this in mind, it's important that you maintain your skincare routine so that your greatest defence is never compromised. Better still, with organic skincare products, you know that you're not giving your skin unnecessary problems as a result of added chemicals.

Reduce flare-ups from changed routines

Skin can be fussy. It's a fact. Even if you're blessed with fantastic skin, just like diet, the smallest changes can make a big impact on its health. By maintaining your skincare routine during lockdown, you'll ensure that you don't have to make big adjustments again once life returns to normal, giving your skin the best chance possible to look great when you're finally able to head back to the office or hang out with your friends again.

Your skincare routine provides normality

Right now, we're all looking for ways to feel "normal", be that regular meal times, at-home exercise routines and attempting our usual 9-5 schedules. Your skincare routine should be a fundamental part of this, helping you to feel prepared for whatever life throws your way, be that on a national scale or smaller. A skincare routine provides a solid start and restful close to your day, setting you up to achieve your goals. Just because you're staying at home, it doesn't mean you should feel any less under-prepared to accomplish your missions as successfully as you would pre-pandemic.

People are still likely to see you

If a big aspect of your skincare routine is ensuring you look good to others, in many ways, it's more pertinent than ever that you maintain your look during these times. With the exponential growth of video calls, it's likely that you'll have a team meeting or two weekly, if not daily, where your colleagues will be speaking to you in this new version of face-to-face conversations. It's not just for the office, either: friends and family are all best contacted via video call, so if you want to catch up with them, you might as well do it with glowing skin!

You have time

While we're all hunkering down at home, most of us have more time to spare to catch up on things. Utilise this time to really hone your skincare routine and get your skin in tip-top condition: try some new products, for example, to experiment with different scents, or finally iron out those skin problems that you've not quite managed to get rid of. Now that evenings are getting shorter, it's an even better opportunity to give yourself some pamper time, and enjoy breaking down your skincare routine step-by-step before a good night's sleep.

A skincare routine lifts your mood

COVID-19 has put everyone's mental health to the test. Isolation has been a big issue, preventing us from experiencing that much-needed social contact we rely on to get by. This makes it even more pertinent that you maintain your skincare routine while lockdown persists, as putting extra effort into feeling like your normal self will help maintain your feeling of value and self-care. Organic skincare is especially important, as you can be confident that you're giving your skin that all-important hydration and love that you know it (and you!) needs. Why not try taking this self-care further by extending you're pamper routine to incorporate your skincare routine?

Skincare is fun!

Sometimes, looking after yourself can seem like a chore. However, the best reason of all for maintaining your skincare routine can be summarised in two words: it's fun! Exploring your favourite products, seeing new results, having hydrated skin and feeling confident are all part-and-parcel of a consistent skincare routine. After all, we need little pleasures to keep us smiling right now, and the fun involved when applying products like Intensive Skin Therapy lotion can truly brighten your day.

Keeping on top of your skincare routine

It's evident that there are plenty of reasons why you should maintain your skincare routine during this lockdown. No matter what happens, your skin will always be there for you, as long as you keep treating it right. Natralus Australian skincare is here to help you feel your best at all times, even if normality doesn't return for months to come. Why not have a look at all our products online today to explore how we can help your skin feel its best?

Don't forget that we also have an extensive range of gifts, too - so if you have a friend or family member that needs a little pick-me-up during lockdown, you know how you can put a smile back on their face!