Younger skin needs natural skincare too!

Younger skin needs natural skincare too!

Take a look online or in any magazine and the skincare focus is almost always centred around minimising the signs of ageing! From moisturisers to replenish older skin through to products which claim to reduce the prominence of wrinkles, remove blemishes and tighten sagging skin, helping people to look younger than their years is a big industry. Unfortunately, this means that the needs of younger skin are often overlooked. Although wrinkles and looser skin are usually the characteristics of older skin, younger people also suffer from skin problems, although of a different kind. Here we take a look at four common skin issues which people in their teens, twenties and beyond, along with some possible solutions.


Common among teens, for some people acne can persist well into their twenties. In addition to hormonal fluctuations, factors such as stress, a harsh climate or wearing oil-based foundation or concealer can all precipitate an outbreak. Although excess oily skin secretions are behind flare-ups, harsh treatments may leave skin dry and raw. In these circumstances, a very gentle moisturiser that's formulated for sensitive skin can be just the thing. Hydrating without adding excess oil to the facial skin, a gentle natural skincare product would be ideal.

In addition to requiring hydration, acne-prone skin will usually also benefit from skincare products which contain ingredients known to have an anti-inflammatory effect. The redness and swelling which are typical of acne symptoms are due to the body's immune system being triggered, causing the inflammatory response. Anti-inflammatory compounds help to reduce the severity of these symptoms, often resulting in a reduction in redness and uncomfortable swelling.

Dry skin

Dry skin in young people can be caused by both internal and external factors. Hormonal fluctuations, a poor diet, lack of sleep, excess alcohol, smoking and insufficient exercise may all contribute to dry, tight skin. Even if you look after yourself, sunshine, air conditioning, wind and pollution may all have a drying effect. That's why, for most people, a good moisturiser is essential. For most people, a moisturiser which contains both occlusive ingredients and hydrating ingredients (humectants) is best. Humectants work by actually absorbing water from the air around and storing it in the skin. In comparison, occlusive ingredients (usually oils such as shea butter or coconut oil) provide a protective barrier over the skin, keeping moisture locked in. The exact balance of humectants and occlusive agents which is most suitable varies, depending on the person: individuals who engage in activities which strip the skin of its essential oils (swimming in chlorinated water, for example, or have skin problems caused by excess oil, may require a moisturiser that contains a larger number of hydrating ingredients.

Lip protection

Lips are a vulnerable area of the body when it comes to skincare. Many people perform a rigorous daily skincare routine on their face and hands but fail to nourish and protect their lips. Unfortunately, lips aren't just prone to being ignored, they are also a part of the body which is very vulnerable to dryness and cracking. The environment and weather can play havoc with lips - wind or sunshine are known to increase dryness. Even habitual licking can contribute to creating cracked, dry lips. Because licking dry lips is a natural reaction, even a small amount of dryness needs to be treated promptly. If it's not, the urge to lick will be overwhelming, potentially making the problem worse.

A good-quality lip balm is a beauty essential at any age. Every skin suffers from the effects of the weather, lips in particular. Especially if you're a person that loves the outdoors, lip hydration and moisturising is vital. In addition, it's important to remember that what you put on your lips often ends up inside your body! For this reason, making sure that you use a safe, non-toxic product with ingredients in it that you wouldn't mind eating is vital. Dry, cracked or chapped lips is a problem which can happen at any age, often after only a little exposure to the weather. Applying a lip balm takes seconds and may make a real difference when it comes to keeping this sensitive area of the body nourished and smooth.

Younger hands could use a little help

Natural skincare is the perfect solution for dry, cracked hands. Just like any other area of the skin, frequent exposure to washing and soap can strip hands of their natural oils, leaving them dry and itching. Over time, painful cracks can develop, as well as redness and scaling. Because hands are washed on a regular basis, it's almost inevitable that dryness will occur unless pro-active steps are taken to minimise the risk. There are two key elements to dryness prevention when it comes to hands:

1. Use a gentle yet effective hand cleanser

Conventional soaps often contain artificial colours and perfumes, as well as unpleasant ingredients such as parabens or petroleum derivatives. These cleanse, but also remove natural oils and can also irritate the skin, leading to eczema. Our natural, effective washes can solve this problem. They provide an effective cleansing action but without the unpleasant side-effects which can come from using soap. In addition, a natural hand sanitiser can be used in between washes to provide necessary hygiene without also causing unnecessary suffering to delicate skin.

2. Invest in a good moisturiser

A product that's specifically formulated to give hands the heavy-duty moisturising they need can really make a difference. Our hand products are easily absorbed so can be used several times a day for a fast moisture top-up. What's more, hand cream forms a protective barrier between skin and water or chemicals, helping to protect hands from everyday hazards.

We have developed an organic, natural range of skincare products which have been designed to provide an exceptional level of protection and care to skin at any age. Made with care, our ethical, responsibly sourced selection is ideal to nourish, soothe and protect. Caring for skin from a young age can help to keep it in good shape for life - our plant-based products are a great way to start.