Natural eczema treatments for babies, toddlers and children

Eczema can be itchy, painful and uncomfortable for young children and babies, not to mention highly distressing to parents. Harsh chemical treatments only serve to worsen the condition and create more toxicity in your child’s body.

Eczema often occurs in early childhood from around the age of two to six months after birth. It might appear on the face and chin initially, but can be found all over the body, especially in the warmer, moister areas of a child’s body.

Natralus are world leaders in natural skin care for your child. Using only the highest organic quality and natural locally sourced ingredients, they are your partner in healthy skin care for your precious child.

Taking care of children’s skin in conjunction with caregivers is a crucial objective for Natralus. Exclusively Australian, their range includes a thoughtfully created selection of products, specially made to nurture newborns to five years old.

Why natural paw paw is best for very young children

Organic, naturally grown paw paw is one of nature’s miracles when it comes to the care of your child’s skin. The benefits of this fruit are just astonishing.

Paw paw smells so good and is a natural skin moisturiser and softener. It helps clear rashes caused by eczema and symptoms associated with eczema. Paw paw is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C along with other beneficial antioxidants that improve the health and elasticity of the skin.

Is your child’s skincare toxic-free?

When it comes to healthy skin care, using nature to help keep eczema at bay is paramount. The kindest and most effective natural eczema treatments for babies, toddlers and young children come from nature. The use of ingredients such as oatmeal, which helps reduce itching and inflammation, calendula, with anti-bacterial properties, soothing shea butter and organic coconut oil, can go a long way to healthy skin repair and rejuvenation. As well as containing many antioxidants and nutrients, coconut oil has the benefit of containing naturally occurring lauric acid, a substance found in breast milk. It is a wonderful moisturiser for a child’s skin, helping to assist your baby with dry skin, nappy rash and eczema.

Is eczema a problem in infants?

According to the Australian Eczema Association, almost one in ten children from birth to five years old develop eczema, and up to one in four children to the age of two.

This can result in your little one developing dry, itchy skin, which becomes red, scaly and itchy. Eczema can be found in moist areas of your baby’s body, such as armpits, behind the knees and around the neck and ears.

With the number of chemicals rampant in our environment and society today it is vital that we protect our children with the highest quality, most natural and effective treatments possible.

Your skin has an important job to do, especially on small children and being the largest organ of the body, it is easy to take it for granted. We must never compromise on the health of our children’s skin as it protects them from infections and sickness.

Great natural skin care should start from birth. If your child develops eczema, there are many ways to help manage it.

How to manage eczema in a natural, healthy way

• Ensure your child wears clothing made of natural fibres, such as cotton
• Bathing your baby too often will dry out their skin, once or twice a week should be enough
• Gently pat their skin dry—avoid scrubbing
• Only use specially formulated, natural and chemical free washing detergent on their clothing
• Avoid harsh soaps and chemical-laden scrubs
• Keep the length of your child’s bath to a minimum—they don’t need to soak
• Keep your little one’s skin well moisturised with a natural, organic skin cream
• Enjoy being with your child, remember touch is key

Best for baby

Natralus only use the best ingredients. Their skincare range does not include the use of petrolatum, parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, artificial fragrance or colours.

Why organic?

Organic ingredients are beneficial to your baby’s skin as the ingredients work together to enhance healing and regenerative results. Using a cream or ointment that is pesticide and chemical free allows you to rest assured that there’s nothing harmful on your baby’s skin. It is important not to use chemical-laden skin products as these can be extremely drying for young children’s bodies.

Your baby’s physiological response to bonding and touch

Touch is a sense that can often be overlooked, yet the value of maintaining a physical connection with your child cannot be underestimated. When you use a natural skincare range formulated especially for young children you are supported to enhance your relationship with your child. Touch is of fundamental importance to the health and wellbeing of all humans, especially newborns. In conjunction with the use of a high quality healthy organic skincare range, you can be sure that your child will receive many of the following benefits from your touch.

• A lowered blood pressure
• Moderated temperature
• Better circulation
• A strengthened immune system
• Enhanced brain development
• Reduced response to pain
• A lowering of the stress response
• Feelings of anxiety
• Lessening of fatigue and tiredness
• Touching lowers the stress hormone cortisol
• Feel good hormones and endorphins, including oxytocin move throughout the body
• Increased bonding between parent and child

Studies published in the Journal of Development and Psychopathology in Canada demonstrate that with increased physical touch, babies and toddlers health and wellbeing can be affected at a molecular level, with positive outcomes that last for years.

Some eczema facts that you should know

• Soaps and harsh chemicals can create a worsening of eczema symptoms in your child.
• Eczema can appear anywhere on your child’s body but is most often found in the moist, more damp areas.
• Dry skin, heat and sweat can make eczema worse.
• Stress can enhance the symptoms of eczema.
• Eczema can flare up when a child suffers from a bacterial infection.
• It is essential to moisturise young skin up to three times a day with a natural skin care cream.

From head to toe, the littlest member of your family will be pampered by the Natralus My Little One natural baby products, which includes:

  • Gentle Cleanse Shampoo and Body Wash. Use anywhere on the body to clean without soap. This cleanser is designed specifically for delicate skin and hair. Comes in a 200ml bottle.
  • Joyful Bubbles Bubble Bath. For fun at bathtime, use this natural bubble bath that's gentle enough to soak in and creates bubbles that are great for play. Comes in a 200 ml bottle.
  • Loving Care Nourishing Skin Lotion -Certified Organic. The best organic skin lotion for smoothing and sealing moisture into your baby's delicate skin. Silky smooth to the touch. Comes in a 200 ml pump and 75g tube.
  • Relaxing Touch Massage Oil. Soft massage can help your baby sleep better and cry less. This massage oil contains organic oils and skin softeners to help relax your little one. Come in a 125 ml bottle.
  • Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm. You can't prevent scratches, scrapes and insect bites, so use a product that can calm the irritated skin. This balm can also help with mild rashes. Comes in a 75g tub or 75g tube.
  • Happy Bottom Nappy Barrier Cream. Diaper rash is a huge concern for new parents. Protect your baby's delicate diaper area with extra skin nourishment. Comes in a 100g tube.

Use these products together or choose only what you need. They're never too harsh to use in combination and are formulated to protect baby's skin whether used one at a time or together, such as during and after a bath.

The Natralus My Little One skincare range is now available at most Priceline stores