Could your skincare routine be doing you more harm than good?

Between our personal care products that we expose ourselves to every day, ranging from shampoos and facial moisturisers to deodorants and make-up, we face hundreds, if not thousands of different chemicals just through our regular skincare routine each week. But why?

Often when we are cleansing and moisturising our faces, we think we’re doing the right thing washing away dirt and grime and applying restorative moisturises. How do we know for sure that your daily skincare routine is actually good for you? Without knowing every single ingredient that's in each product it's possible that your skincare routine is actually doing your body more harm than good with some synthetic chemicals linked to incredibly serious health risks.

For most of us, it’s almost impossible to read and understand the labels of every item we use and know for certain what we are absorbing into our bodies. Just because something is labelled as ‘natural’ doesn’t mean that it’s completely free from harmful chemicals. You might be surprised to learn just how many toxins make their way into your body through your skin care, body and beauty products.

The hidden cocktail of chemicals in beauty products

A recent study conducted by US professionals and published in Environment International examined the mixtures of chemicals that are widely used in personal care products in relation to our hormones in a world first study. The study found some alarming information and showed that even low-level exposure to chemicals could affect our reproductive hormones highlighting just how damaging these chemicals could be. This is just the tip of the iceberg, with the impact of these synthetic products still widely unknown.

Research today is revealing for the first time just how damaging these chemicals found in beauty and personal care products are. The previously mentioned study also found that some chemicals commonly found in cosmetic products including parabens may increase oestrogen levels, which could have serious implications for diseases such as breast cancer. If this is what we are uncovering in just one study, further analysis of these products could reveal the disastrous impact of these harmful chemicals. More needs to be discovered - and fast!

How to be careful

Synthetic chemicals found in skincare can cause skin irritation, are potential endocrine disrupters and can even be carcinogenic. As this is an incredibly serious concern, the first step in avoiding these chemicals is to know what to look out for.

The labels on products can be overwhelming and confusing with long lists of scientific names. As a general rule of thumb, the simpler the ingredient list looks, the more natural you skincare product probably is. When possible, try to avoid the following harsh chemicals:

- Petrolatum
- Ethanolamine
- Benzophenone
- Placental extracts
- Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)
- Polyethene glycol (PEGs)
- Parabens and phthalates
- Artificial fragrance

These synthetic skincare products have been linked to a host of nasty side effects from allergic reactions and dermatitis to the more severe diabetes and even cancer.

What you can do

While it’s impossible to limit all the toxins that are absorbed into your body, by keeping an eye on the labels of our body washes, lotions, shampoos, cosmetics we can help to control and greatly reduce any harmful substances that we might be absorbing. Think of it this way - what we put onto our skin should be as clean and free from chemicals as the food we choose to eat. You wouldn’t feed your children with harmful chemicals knowing the damage they do to their bodies, would you? Why should our skincare routines be any different?

Researchers are finding across the world that even in small, trace amounts, many of the synthetic chemicals commonly found in our cosmetics impact our health and hormones, and don’t yet understand the consequences. If in doubt, don’t risk it!

The Natralus promise

You can breathe easy knowing that at Natralus our products really are good for you. We believe in delivering all-natural and effective products that protect you. For this reason, our products are free from petroleum, parabens and any hidden nasty chemicals. We believe that taking care of ourselves is the most important job around, and when skin is the first line of defence, it’s important to protect that.

We use ingredients that are sourced from organic farms around the country so you can trust what you're putting on your skin. We do this by ensuring the following:

1. We only use the best, natural, organic ingredients in our products
2. Our formulas are tried and tested to ensure they deliver real results for your skin
3. We deliver results that last for hours, not minutes

On top of this, all Natralus products are cruelty free and certified toxic free. We take the Natralus Natural Touch Promise seriously: If our products don’t meet these standards, we’ll give you your money back.

Safer options

At Natralus we offer a range of safe natural skin care options the whole family can enjoy without fear. Unlike our competitors, when we say natural, we mean it! From natural paw paw ointment to natural body washes and body lotion for sensitive skin, Natralus will provide you with something to keep your skin happy, fighting fit and deliver peace of mind.

For a natural body wash, try the Natural Gentle Wash, a moisture-balancing daily wash that provides the benefits of natural oils and extracts that will gently, yet thoroughly cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

Follow this up and continue to protect your skin by using our Natural Gentle Moisturiser. Don’t be fooled by the rapid absorption. This ultra-creamy natural moisture lotion is made with soothing Aloe Vera and natural oils, providing long-lasting nourishment and protection for all skin types.

To keep protecting Australia’s youngest, we even have our My Little One range, specifically developed for babies, toddlers and children. Including shampoos, massage oils and even a bubble bath, the Soothing Repair Balm and Nappy Barrier Cream provide the best protection for baby eczema in Australia.

At Natralus, we take the guesswork out of finding a safe and suitable skincare routine for you. Let us continue to take care of your skin using quality, safe, natural ingredients delivered by a brand you can trust.