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Magnesium Oil Spray - 3.1 Original

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The ultimate solution for a natural and effective magnesium supplementation. Crafted with purpose and care, this magnesium oil spray harnesses the power of magnesium chloride to provide you with a multitude of heath benefits.

Our Original Magnesium Oil spray offers a convenient and easy way to replenish your body’s magnesium levels. Enhance your overall well-being and ease muscle discomfort with our convenient magnesium spray, is a must have addition to your daily routine.

Stay calm, relaxed and stress free throughout the day. 

  • High concentration of mineral spray
  • Easily absorbed for maximum results
  • Optimum health & Muscle benefits
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Vegan & Eco Friendly
  • Certified Toxic Free
  • Allergy Certified & Made safe
How to use

How to use: Apply to affected area and gently massage in. Leave for maximum absorption or rinse off after 20 minutes if desired.


Magnesium Chloride (82mg/g elemental Magnesium), Purified Water.

Magnesium Oil Spray - 3.1 Original
Magnesium Oil Spray - 3.1 Original
Magnesium Oil Spray - 3.1 Original
Magnesium Oil Spray - 3.1 Original
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